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Derma e Firming DMAE Eye Lift Review

Derma E Firming DMAE Eye Lift ReviewNatural Products at Target

I love that Target is getting more natural products. It makes shopping there much easier. From gluten free macaroni in the grocery section to a growing number of health and beauty brands, there are many products that weren’t available there just a few years ago. The downside is that it’s so easy to buy more than you expected to! I try to make a shopping list before I go into stores to keep me on track.

Derma e Firming DMAE Eye Lift Review

I want to let you know about my new favorite product in the Derma e line, now available at Target: This eye cream, which I received free for review. I love this stuff, so I’m happy it’s available at conveniently at local Target stores. So far, it keeps my skin hydrated during winter months. In the fall I reviewed a different Derma e product, and my only complaint was that it was heavily fragranced which can be overpowering for some people. I love that this one is fragrance free! It has a thick consistency but isn’t heavy or greasy. It’s easy to apply eye cream — just squeeze a tiny bit onto your pinky finger and gently dab around your eye. It only takes a little bit, which means the product lasts nicely.

How do you stay on track when shopping so you get what you need (and only what you need)?

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Hask Keratin Hair Care Review

hask keratin shampoo review (2)Ready for a cool new hair care line you’ve probably never heard of? Hask has a full line of hair care solutions, and they asked me to review their keratin protein set. Since keratin’s strengthening properties restore, moisturize and smooth hair, I was all in.

Special attributes: the line is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artificial colors. Great for color treated and heat damaged hair.

Note to those sensitive to fragrances: all of these products have strong scents.

Hask Keratin Hair Care Review

The photo above shows each product, which I’ll talk about individually below.

Keratin Protein Conditioner

This is a good smoothing conditioner for every day use. I think it works best when combined with the Keratin deep conditioner and/or Keratin shine treatment to give it an extra boost, but if your hair isn’t extra dry you could just use this conditioner alone and be totally fine.

Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner

I love deep conditioners for extra dry hair. This one should be used on the ends of hair and left in for 10 minutes, so use it once a week or whenever you have a little extra time in the shower. It helped my dry hair feel a bit more manageable after a few uses.

Keratin Smoothing Shine Treatment

This is my favorite of the product set. It’s a tiny vial, but it only takes a little at a time to smooth and soften hair. This is perfect for using when hair is dry or tangly. When I used it the first time, I thought, “finally, a product to make my hair smooth and comb-able.” I was able to run my fingers through my hair without running into resistance from tangles, which I can’t usually do. If you were going to buy one item from this product line, I recommend this one.

I’d love to get hair care product recommendations from my readers! What products do you love?

Dry Weather Skincare

dry weather skincareDry Weather Skincare

Indoor heating and a dip in temperature can mean winter weather skin, which is dry and hard to keep moisturized. What can you add to your routine for dry weather skincare?

  1. Use a humidifier to keep the indoor air less dry.
  2. Make sure you’re swapping any drying soaps or face washes for mild cleansers.
  3. Use a nourishing moisturizer on skin twice a day. The one for night time should be thicker to help replenish moisturizer while you sleep. Read on for my review of Derma e Hydrating Night Cream.

Derma e Hydrating Night Creme Review

This brand started out with small roots at a health food store in California. Although it has grown, all the products are still vegan and cruelty free. Another cool fact that attracted me to the brand is that their manufacturing and operations are offset 100 percent by wind power.

As it is nourishing to dry skin but doesn’t leave it greasy, this blend is perfect for dry weather skincare. It leaves skin feeling and looking good so you can put your best face forward for fall. Those sensitive to fragrances should note that it is scented. Available at stores including Walgreens, the full line includes skincare solutions of all types including a hydrating day creme to complement the night creme I tried.

Exclusive Coupon

Want to try a new hydrating creme for dry weather skincare for yourself? Dermae, this post’s sponsor, is giving readers a coupon for $2 off any Derma e product at Walgreens, which you can download here.

What are your best techniques for keeping skin happy in fall and winter?


Make Press-On Nails Work For You

Make press on nails work for youPress-on nails are sold in pretty packages with temptingly beautiful colors and patterns. The allure of manicure-quality nails fast and without harmful chemicals is hard to pass up.  But do they really stay on? I found out how to make press-on nails work and I’m going to tell you how!

My first foray into stick on nails was a disaster. I loved the look of the nails and they were easy to apply, but almost immediately they started to flake off. And it happened at the worst times, like during client meetings. I had to slip the nails surreptitiously into my bag or else leave a Hansel and Gretel-style trail of popped-off nails behind me. I was pretty convinced that I could never make press-on nails work for me.

I was given two imPress press-on manicure sets to review, and I asked the company to give me some advice about how to make press-on nails work. With those tips, I was able to get them to stay on for days so far, raking in compliments on my nails each day.

How to Make Press-On Nails Work

  1. First, the nails come with a little alcohol wipe called a prep pad. You cannot skip this step or your nails won’t stay.
  2. Don’t put them on when you are in a rush. After applying, take your time to press them firmly on each nail, and continue to press them down throughout the first hour when you think of it.
  3. The package includes 24 acrylic nails of varying sizes. You should select sizes slightly smaller than your real nail. This way the edges won’t catch on things that could pop them off.

By following these steps, you can make press-on manicures work for you too. I can definitely see myself buying this product again, especially with the gorgeous ones they offer. If you’re looking for some they’re sold for $7.99 at Walgreens.

Make press on nails work for youPros and Cons of Press-On Nails


  1. The acrylic doesn’t totally cover the nail, and the plastic is thicker than a coat of polish. So if you look really closely you can tell that it’s a press-on.
  2. The package only includes one alcohol wipe. I wish the manufacturers would note that some people like me won’t get it right the first time and include back-up prep pads for second applications.
  3. The nails can catch in your hair if you run your hands through it.


  1. The nails won’t chip like polish. So far, they have stayed on through babysitting, shopping, raking leaves and typing. Even though it says they are waterproof, I plan on wearing gloves when I do dishes just to be safe.
  2. You don’t have to sit in a fume-filled salon, they attach without harmful glues, and they can be removed without any acetone. As far as manicures go, this is about as natural as they come. I think this is one of the best incentives to make press-on nails work!
  3. And they are toddler-approved: a two-year-old watched me apply these and said, “do more! do more!” as I stuck on each nail.

I hope you can make press-on nails work like I did! If you’ve had a success or epic failure with them before, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

You might also be interested in how to grow healthy, strong nails.

August Product Reviews: Health & Wellness

Probiotics for digestion can help with constipation, gas, bloating and diahrrea. Health and wellness product reviews

Well, August is wrapping up so it’s time to share the products I’ve been trying out this month. We’re on a health and wellness theme right now, because both things in this month’s reviews are dietary supplements.

LoveBug Probiotics

Here’s what I love about LoveBug’s probiotic. First of all, the packaging is very Eco. The supplement comes in an attractive, dark blue glass bottle which could totally be re-purposed. The stuffing inside the bottle (you know, the stuff to keep it from jostling in transit) is organic cotton. I commend LoveBug for making probiotics hip through design and branding!

The tablets contain 8 probiotic strains designed especially for digestive health. When choosing a probiotic, I always look for one like LoveBug’s that is time-released so your digestive tract will get more of the goodies without stomach acid eroding them. Read more about the fascinating science of probiotics here.

In addition to a sample bottle of Here’s the Skinny probiotics, LoveBug also sent me a heart shaped ice pack. So cute!

Natural Goal L-Arginine

Health and wellness product reviewsL-Arginine is an amino acid that’s made by the body and found in protein-rich foods. It helps with many things, commonly blood pressure and circulation issues. I added it into my regimen because it’s supposed to help supply blood flow to your muscles during workouts and I wanted an extra boost for my Irish dance training. Sometimes it’s also prescribed for wound care and healing after surgery. For the purposes of this review, Natural Goal sent me a bottle to test. The generously-sized bottle contains 100 capsules. The capsules are standard size and deliver 1,000 mg of L-Arginine. I feel pretty good after trying it, but I need to keep taking it longer to see if I have more results.

*Always consult a health professional before starting new dietary supplements. The above health and wellness product reviews are intended for information only and are not an endorsement or medical advice.*

Tried a product lately that you love? Let me know below. Have a specific product you want me to review? Let’s talk!

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