Dear Abbie

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Dear Abbie, how do I find “work appropriate clothes” when I don’t want to be stuffed into the Impossible to Move Arms Button Down Shirt + Ill-Fitting Pants that stores offer?

As a fan of clothes you can actually move in, I understand this so much. Unforgiving polyester certainly can’t be helping your productivity. I thought that quitting an office job to become a writer and wear yoga pants all day would be a solution, but as it turns out there are still meetings and other reasons to dress up. My preference is a shift dress or skirt paired with a blazer, like this. You could also try a silk blouse and ponte pants, which are less fitted and stretchier, respectively, than what you’re currently wearing.

Writing & Blogging

Dear Abbie, how do I start out as a freelance writer?

This is such a good question and it’s one that I get asked a lot. To start out, you’ll need a genuine, burning, passionate desire to write and see your name in print. You’ll also need clips. Clips are what convince editors that they should publish you. Start small and look around your community. What are the local papers, blogs and magazines covering your area? Start there. And research all you can! I took classes in college, talked to freelance writers and bloggers I admired, and took courses at my local writing center. After that, it’s just time and persistence.