Good news, candle lovers. Minneapolis just got its very own candle store. Located in South Minneapolis, the storefront offers a place to meet all your candle needs (and candle wants), including an offering of classes in candle making for adults and children. A chandlery, if you’re wondering, is an old-fashioned name for a candle maker’s shop, but the candles sold here are delightfully modern.

All the candles at Minneapolis Chandlery are made in-house with renewable waxes (soy or beeswax) and 100 percent cotton wicks for a pure, natural product. This is a big deal because many scented candles are made with less pure ingredients and contain toxins that are released during burning into the air you breathe. This is a concern for asthmatics and really anyone who cares about their bodies and health!

Shop owners Audrey and Jonny got their start in the candle biz in Chicago, where apparently candle stores are a thing. In Minneapolis, not so much. Until now, of course. They opened Minneapolis Chandlery in October 2013 and are off to a great start, building off their successful business track record on Etsy and the craft fair circuit.

The scents change seasonally so you can always find something different. Seriously, the candles smell amazing.

Keep an eye on this adorable store; you’ll surely be seeing more from them.

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