Minneapolis Chandlery

vanilla peppermintGood news, candle lovers. Minneapolis just got its very own candle store. Located in South Minneapolis, the storefront offers a place to meet all your candle needs (and candle wants), including an offering of classes in candle making for adults and children. A chandlery, if you’re wondering, is an old-fashioned name for a candle maker’s shop, but the candles sold here are delightfully modern.

All the candles at Minneapolis Chandlery are made in-house with renewable waxes (soy or beeswax) and 100 percent cotton wicks for a pure, natural product. This is a big deal because many scented candles are made with less pure ingredients and contain toxins that are released during burning into the air you breathe. This is a concern for asthmatics and really anyone who cares about their bodies and health!

Wildflower HoneyShop owners Audrey and Jonny got their start in the candle biz in Chicago, where apparently candle stores are a thing. In Minneapolis, not so much. Until now, of course. They opened Minneapolis Chandlery in October 2013 and are off to a great start, building off their successful business track record on Etsy and the craft fair circuit.

The scents change seasonally so you can always find something different. Seriously, the candles smell amazing.

Keep an eye on this adorable store; you’ll surely be seeing more from them.

Blacklist Vintage Closing Sale

vintage hats from blacklist vintageIt’s sad to see a good store close, and Blacklist Vintage is no exception. For six years, Vanessa has provided Uptown Minneapolis with one of the best-curated vintage collections in town. She is closing down the bricks-and-mortar store in order to travel and focus on selling exclusively online.

Blacklist Vintage moves online

The silver lining of the store closing is my favorite four-letter word: SALE. Blacklist will be clearing out its inventory beginning January 25th and continuing for a month. Vanessa created an event page so her fans can keep updated on the liquidation.

vintage scarvesYou’ll be able to score finds like the scarves and hats pictured here, among the rest of Blacklist’s collections which include treasures from every era. Everything from 1920s gowns, vintage records, fab furs, 60s aprons, and more, they’ve got you covered. The discounts promise to get steeper as the weeks go by, so you’ll want to check back for the latest updates. After the store closes, you’ll still be able to find Blacklist Vintage online on Etsy.

Green Weddings

Bridesmaids dressesWho knew that weddings could be so bad for the environment? These are some tips for how to plan a more green, eco-chic wedding day.

Barnwood AccentsAs mentioned in the article, Barnwood accents, such as these by Lisa Curry Designs, are one of the ways to add eco-chic flair to your big day.

Shopping Finds

Some of the really adorable pieces I wrote the descriptions for are on sale now over at Parc Boutique. These were a few of the most unique products I worked on this past season. I miiiight be biased because I spent so much time with these figuring out the unique features and story of each piece, but I think they would make a great addition to any wardrobe olive branch blouse champagne dressred white blouse

Winter=Warmth & Style

Winter has always been the bane of my inner fashionista. There is really only so much you can do to dress up when it’s below zero and the only thing between you and certain death is a puffy down parka.

Then, once in a while, a piece of clothing comes along that reminds you that you can be warm and look great. Thankfully, this season I found several fashion items that restored my faith in winter style.

The first is a leather jacket. While I’m not blessed to live in a climate where a cute, tailored jacket can be my only jacket, I did get this amazing Anthropologie jacket for Christmas (my friends and coworkers can vouch that I’ve been eyeing this jacket since August). In winter, it’s the perfect indoor jacket that’s short enough to wear with skirts or jeans to keep warm at my desk or inside a restaurant.

The second is a cashmere skirt. Wrapping your legs in the same kitteny softness as a luxury sweater is unbeatable when it comes to winter comfort. Why let your arms have all the fun of sweaters?

My ears get so cold when the windchill drops, but luckily knitted headbands that are cute and warm are very easy to find this winter. I found a cute one at Target, but they’re also readily available on Etsy.

I put the whole outfit together for a photo shoot at my local dog park, where I usually am every weekend anyway.

dog park photo shoot

dog park photo shoot

Winter style

winter style

winter style

Winter style

Jacket: Anthropologie

Skirt: Aqua

Headband: Target (similar)

Ring: Simonson’s

Necklace: LC Lauren Conrad

Boots: White Mountain (similar)

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