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Gnome for the Holidays

Gnome holiday decorGnome Holiday Decor

Hey Elf on the Shelf, you’ve been replaced. It’s all about gnomes now.

As I asked on twitter, how did gnomes suddenly become a Christmas thing? Do the elves know about this? Are they cool with it?

Not that I’m complaining. I love gnomes. I love gnomes so much that they were the topic of my first magazine (more on that backstory here). In Kindergarten when the teacher asked us to name a word starting with G, I said “gnome,” because it was my favorite word, but she wouldn’t accept it because it didn’t have a G sound and she didn’t want to confuse a classroom of kids who couldn’t read yet. I obviously never fully recovered from this incident, though it was great early preparation for having my work rejected and edited.

If you’re ready to embrace all things gnome, silent G included, here are my favorite ways to decorate with gnomes this season.

Gnome holiday sweaters

Gnomes are now an option for tacky Christmas sweaters–bonus points if it has a clever pun. 10/10 would wear this in public. I’ve bought not one but two gnome-themed holiday sweaters this year because gnomes are my spirit animal. Spirit animals plural? I really should get this grammar thing down. I’m a professional.


Gnome tree ornaments

These natural-material gnome ornaments would look so cute on any tree. This year I participated in my first ornament exchange with other alumnae from my sorority around the U.S. I didn’t include any gnome ornaments, but now I’m thinking maybe I should have.

Gnomes in the home

Need a holiday pillow? There’s a gnome item for that, too.

A gnome door

Repurpose fairy garden items from the spring to make a gnome door in your house to add to the magic.

Do gnomes belong in the festivities this year or is it strictly for elves? You decide!

Vintage Style Ornaments

where to find vintage style glass ornaments

Last year I posted about my after-holiday shopping score of vintage style ornaments that looked exactly like the glass baubles from the 1950s that my grandmother used to have. These delicate, hand-painted gems have an air of sophistication and elegance that modern  resin ornaments can’t match.

A Mid-Century Christmas

The beautiful handpainted glass spheres are just as trendy today as they were half a century ago. Most of them have miraculously lasted without breaking (although she did once wistfully tell me about dropping and smashing an entire box of ornaments, so there were once way more in existence).

Vintage Style Ornaments

Where to Find Vintage Ornaments

Not only are vintage and heirloom ornaments one-of-a-kind, they’re also a sustainable choice for the holidays. Decorating without buying new is always a win for Planet Earth. If you’re shopping for vintage Christmas ornaments, check thrift stores and also Etsy, which has a lovely selection of mid-century Christmas decorations for not too much money.

Take these vintage red satin ornaments for example, which are selling on Etsy for only $3! Or buy a whole set of 8 vintage glass ornaments that look like they came right out of my Grandma’s closet for $32, which is not more than what you’d spend on modern, made-in-China ornaments at most stores.

What are your favorite Christmas ornaments? Do they hold a special memory for you?
Maybe you’re more into DIY – in which case totally check out Sustainability Tribe’s easy ornament DIY post.