I’m honored to share with you a powerful movement started by a friend. After her aunt was tragically killed in a collision involving a distracted driver, Kristin and a supportive group of family and friends began a mission called 10 Day Promise. It’s a pledge to spend ten days driving totally distraction free. Ten days doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a start–the chance to practice the truly focused, distraction free, both-hands-on-the-wheel driving we all know we should be doing. We think we’re perfectly responsible drivers, but we can all be more conscious of distractions that come up while driving.

You know the thoughts that come up while driving: I’ll just peek at my navigation map because I don’t want to miss my turn! I’ll rummage through my purse to find something–I only need one hand to drive. It won’t hurt if I look at this one text for just a few seconds! The good news is that we can all pledge to practice ignoring those impulses and re-train ourselves into more responsible driving behaviors. It starts with ten days.

Truly non-distracted driving is something we all need a little practice on. So the 10 Day Promise kicked off on October 10, but you can join anytime and take the pledge for ten days of distraction free driving. The good habits formed in those ten days can continue on long after the promise period has concluded.

10 Day Promise TeeAt the kickoff, we created shirts with hand prints to represent keeping both hands on the wheel at 10 and 2 (or 9 and 3, depending on what you were taught in driver’s ed). There were also little treat bags to keep in our cars to remind us to avoid tempting distractions on the road and instead be tempted by chocolate and banana chips when we reach our destinations.

10 Day Promise Distraction Free DrivingConsider making the 10 Day Promise yourself and share the message so we can all stay safer on the roads.

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