As much as I love summer, I admit that collecting room essentials for back-to-school is something to look forward to. Here are some adorable ways to decorate your dorm room if you’re heading off to college, plus some essentials you don’t want to overlook! All of these are available in Walmart’s back to college section.

back to school walmart1. First, bedding! You’ve got to be warm and cozy in your extra long twin bed, and then all the other decorating can happen around the colors and style of your ultra-cute comforter set.

2. Towels. Make sure you have more than one set so you’re not towel-less when you’re putting off doing your laundry for weeks at a time (you know it’s going to happen at some point!). This is possibly the only time in your life when you won’t have to match your towels to any sort of decor, so go wild with bright towels in colors you love.

3. Posters. Sharing a room in our sorority house, my roommate and I decorated with a Paris theme. Eiffel towers and Louvre art reproductions covered the walls. Our themed decorations made the room stand out from the other girls’ rooms and it was fun to come home to. Just one piece of framed wall art, even if it’s just a cheap poster, can make a small room look very put together.

4. Lantern decorations. Don’t actually light these, but hanging paper lanterns can add dimension by filling empty ceiling space in your room.

5. Laundry bag. Absolutely indispensable for toting heaping mounds to and from the laundry room.

6. Lamp. For extra light while studying, or for studying when your roommate is asleep and you need the overhead light off!

7. Kleenex Oval Expressions Tissues. It’s amazing how you might forget something like tissues when packing for college. You don’t want to be stuck wadding up scratchy toilet paper when you inevitably come down with a cold–throw in a box or two of these into your dorm supplies. Trust me, at least once a semester you will be so happy for their existence. Find this style, which fits nicely into any dorm room, in Walmart’s back to school section.

8. Wall Decals. Possibly the best invention for dorm decorating ever, decals are an easy do-it-yourself way to decorate empty wall space stylishly. They won’t leave goo on the walls and can be re-used in future residences.

9. Light blocking curtains! Some dorms have great shades, but if yours doesn’t you’ll want to invest in a pair of sturdy curtains. Not only will they help you sleep during the day when you’ve pulled an all-nighter, but they’ll make your room much homier too.

10. Anything monogrammed. Not only is this a super hot trend on college campuses, monogrammed items are much less likely to get lost or confused with your dorm mates’ identical items.Decorate Your DormThese cute Kleenex boxes are only less than $3 and they’re available in four colors to coordinate with any dorm style! The chevron pattern is very trendy and perfectly collegiate, and the oval shape is a fun departure from the standard boxes. The slender shape fits into small spaces easily, too–a total bonus for dorm living. They’re available for a limited time in Walmart Superstores’ back to school section.

What do you think is an essential dorm room must have?

*Special thanks to Walmart and Kleenex for sponsoring today’s post and keeping dorm rooms stylish!*

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