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Yikes, January went fast! It’ll be Valentines Day soon, and this gift guide, sponsored by ModCloth, is here to help you out. I was asked to choose items that would make great Valentine’s Day gifts, so here are my off-the-beaten path choices.

1. Pin Up Girl Lip Balm

All Smiles Lip Balm Set

This trio of all-natural, flavored beeswax lip balms are each labeled with the name of a saucy character with personality. Split them with your besties or gift them as a set. I hear they make a good bachelorette party favor too.

2. Punny Typewriter Mug

My Favorite Dings MugAs if having coffee together with your sweetie isn’t already pretty perfect, this mug takes it to a whole new level. Besides, try to come up with a more romantic pun. I dare you.

3. Wanderlust Wallet

Spread the cheerio

This would be kind of perfect to tuck two tickets to London into, now wouldn’t it? I mean it’s JUST a suggestion…but if I got that as a gift I certainly wouldn’t complain.

4. Polaroid Notecards
Instant Attraction Notecard Set

Write your love notes on cards that look like Polaroid photographs, or give the set as a gift and hope that you get a few written back to you!

5. Foxy Embroidery Kit

what does the fox dream“Happy Valentine’s Day, honey! You get to make this present yourself!” Okay, maybe that wouldn’t go over well. But if your Valentine is crafty, this little embroidery kit will be a hit. Or finish it yourself and gift the finished product. Plus, did you know that in Feng Shui, it’s considered good luck for relationships to decorate with pairs?

This list was super fun to put together and I hope it’s inspiring as you think about Valentine’s Day shopping!

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