Periwinkle ScarfSorry to be blunt, but March is here and spring is not. But I’m pretty sure that it’s coming…eventually. Here are some things I’ve found to help put spring in your mood, if not the weather forecast.

1. If you can’t bring yourself to stock up on short sleeve blouses yet (just looking at the thin fabrics on the shelf makes me shiver), pick up an affordable new accessory in the coming season’s hot colors such as orchid and peach. Target’s selection of fun spring accessories yielded the scarf in the photo.

2. Do some spring cleaning to make room for new things in life. Getting organized and clearing clutter is refreshing in more ways than one. It signals that you’re embracing changes to come, whether that’s a new season or a new chapter in your life. To make room for the new, host a stuff swap or donate to a worthy charity.

3. Bring a little spring inside with a new plant. I especially like succulents because they’re self-sufficient and look cheery in the bright sun. Or try terrariums, which have enough whimsy for all seasons.

4. Make a tropical dish, like my Pineapple Pecan Dip, that’s sure to make you and your friends believe that warm temps are right around the corner.

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