Back to class essentialsWhether you’re heading to college for the first time, going back to school or just picking up some continuing ed classes, some things never change: it’s time for back to school shopping! Sakroots is sponsoring today’s post about back to class essentials with the “Sakroots in Session” collection.

Back to Class Essentials

1. Backpack

Carrying all the back to class essentials is just easier with a backpack. My flap backpack arrived the day before I went on a trip to Michigan, and it made the perfect carry on. It’s big enough for a laptop, books, notebooks, water bottle and supplies. The reinforced straps make carrying heavy loads manageable. To my surprise, when I arrived at the airport in Lansing, my aunt was sporting a Sakroots bag too!

brown and white for back to school2. Pens

I like these Stabilo pens from Germany, which come in every color you’ll need for color coding and making your notes stand out. They coordinate perfectly with the Sakroots in Session collection too. I bought a collection from my campus bookstore, but if yours doesn’t sell them you can order online. I also like the highlighting markers.

A pretty planner is a must for school!3. Agenda/Planner

For students and employees alike, agendas are absolutely essential! This one comes with a page of cute stickers, pages with a different print on each month, and plenty of room to write every assignment and due date.

Sakroots agenda 4. Washi Tape

While this may be an unexpected addition to a list of back to class essentials, washi tape comes in handy for so many things. I use it to color code my events and due dates in my planner. It’s also good for labeling notebooks, marking important notes, and of course, crafting. The bright patterns and colors add a little bit of fun to otherwise bland tasks.

5. Pencil Case

A pencil case comes with every Sakroots in Session flap backpack. So does an adorable enamel keychain.

Pencil case Giving Back

I love supporting companies that give back!  Sakroots lets you pick the pattern and the charity that you love best. The print I chose for my agenda, True Love, supports Project Apis m‘s research to enhance the health and vitality of honey bee colonies. My backpack print, Flower Power, supports the North American Butterfly Association. Information on all the causes Sakroots supports can be found under “Choose Your Karma.” Which of the causes is your favorite?

Campus Ambassador Opportunity

Sakroots has an opportunity for full time college students: the Campus Circle ambassador program. Free Sakroots products, opportunities for college credit and internships in NYC are just some of the perks.

15% Off

Sakroots is offering 15% off your first order when you sign up with your email on the Sakroots homepage. That’s about $3 off a planner or about $12 off a backpack, and every student knows that every dollar saved counts! Plus there are other back to class essentials to check out, such as shoes and totes.

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