Back to school is here! I can’t believe it. You know what else I can’t believe? How backpacks are finally getting the makeover they deserve. When I was in school, backpacks all looked like something you’d use to go hiking, camping, or living in a hostel. Now all the sudden, backpacks have unique colors and trendy patterns and are as much a style statement as a functional student necessity. That’s right, you don’t have to feel like you’re going on an expedition every time you put on your bag. You might even feel…dare I say it? Stylish.

Even if you aren’t in school, there are plenty of reasons to upgrade your old monochromatic khaki backpack to a cool new one that fits your style! I’m going to get one to cart my stuff around at dance events, once I can finally decide which one to buy. Which one is your favorite? Help me pick!

6 Comments on Backpack It Up: 9 Bags You Need

  1. HOW DO YOU EVEN BEGIN TO PICK A FAVORITE ONE!? that’s literally mission impossible yo. but I’m really feeling the Madden Girl and ChicNova ones! 😀

    • Totally understand the turtle thing. I haven’t had a backpack in three years and also relied heavily on tote bags. I’m just starting to come around to them again.

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