After posting about Bee Safe yards last month, I kept seeing bees galore in this season’s styles. You may think it’s all about flamingos and pineapples this season, but it’s also about the beautiful bee!

Aside from one questionable fashion moment where I accidentally dressed like a bee, I don’t usually sport my love of bees. This post inspired me to start looking for a statement piece that can start conversations about how rad bees are and how we can protect them.

Bee Jewelry and Accessories

Thrift stores might yield a bee treasure or two if you have time to search. One of my besties has a gorgeous silver bee brooch that suits her so well. For quick shopping, I rounded up these bee-themed styles available at retailers now. Some links are affiliate links, which support my blog with a paper doll-sized commission if you make a purchase through them.

Vintage-Look Bee Necklace

Bee Jewelry and AccessoriesA subtle way to accessorize with a bee charm that doesn’t scream yellow-and-black stripes.

Bee Earrings

Bee Jewelry and AccessoriesFor those who prefer their bee style to be accurate rather than cutesy, these representational bee studs are just the thing.

Honeycomb Pendant

Bee Jewelry and AccessoriesMade by Etsy seller Tangerine Jewelry Shop, these pendants have a tiny bee charm and honeycomb.

Modern Honeycomb

Bee Jewelry and AccessoriesThis well-designed take on the honeycomb pattern turns bee style into something ultra chic.

Beekeeper Patch

Bee Jewelry and AccessoriesI’m pretty sure I want to start some hives just so I can wear this patch. If you know a real beekeeper, this is a must-have gift for them.

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