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Lilly for Target Preview Wishlist

chairLilly for Target Preview Wishlist

The day is almost here! When I first wrote about the Lilly for Target controversy back in January, the Lilly for Target launch seemed far into the future. But now spring is here and so is the Lilly for Target preview look book.


At only $10 for a set of four, you can see why these top my list. The Vera Bradley napkins I bought years ago have been a bright and fun addition to the table, so I’m looking forward to scoring some Lilly print napkins too. One set contains four different patterns, making it easy to tell napkins apart at the dining table.

Lilly for Target napkins


Pom pom trim shorts top my summer apparel wishlist, and the ones on the Lilly for Target preview page look like they are worth checking out.

pom pom shortsShift Dress

I’m guessing that the fit for the Lilly for Target shift dresses might be slightly different than the regular Lilly Pulitzer shifts. It’ll be interesting to see how this line differs in color, fabric, fit and construction. The line does include Plus sized clothing but it’s only going to be available online.

Giraffe dressCeramic Mugs

Four printed ceramic mugs in their own stacking holder–too cute! A lack of counter space and knowing these might break easily is holding me back from putting these at the top of my wishlist, but I’m definitely going to check them out.

Lilly for Target Preview

Beach Towel

Lilly belongs at the beach! This is on my list because it’s fun, practical and perfect for summer.

Beach towel lilly for target

Makeup Bag

The toiletry and makeup bags on the Lilly for Target preview page include some that look nicely partitioned. Since makeup bags with sections can be hard to come by, this collection is worth taking a look at for that reason alone.

Makeup caseCheck out the Lilly for Target preview look book and let me know what’s on the top of your wish list!

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Life Advice in Your 20s

The 20 project book reviewWish you had a good source of life advice in your 20s? Who better than those who were somewhat recently in your 20-something shoes? The20Project is a collection of stories, wisdom and advice from life on the other side of 20.

The20Project Book Review

I received a copy of The20Project to review. As I pored over the stories, I looked for common themes in the authors’ stories. Travel emerged as a theme–make sure you travel in your 20s, peeps–as nearly every author mentioned travel as a turning point in their young lives. Winding career paths is another theme. So take heart, young professionals, if your career journey has some surprises. The biggest theme I saw was that there is only one way to live your life–your way. Each person featured in the book had to discover their own path, some with more struggle than others. If this book teaches anything, it is to be fearlessly yourself.

The essays are unpolished at times, but that adds to its realism and honesty. These aren’t professional writers, they are real, relatable people. Authors of varying ages beyond 30 from around the world share what they learned in life through their 20s. The diverse backgrounds of the writers offer a fascinating glimpse into the lives of others through their life advice in your 20s.

Although the book is written for readers in their 20s, it would also be useful for high school students or anyone at a life crossroads.

Life advice in your 20sGiving Back

Another theme I saw in the book is the importance of giving service through one’s chosen career path and activities. One of the reasons I was excited to write this review is that the books’ purpose isn’t to make money, it’s to share and help others with life advice in your 20s. All proceeds from the book go to Makomborero, a UK charity that helps with poverty relief in Zimbabwe through the education of children.

Life Advice in Your 20s

What is your advice for twenty-somethings or the best advice you’ve gotten? Join the conversation in the comments below!

5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Good to know: this post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Yikes, January went fast! It’ll be Valentines Day soon, and this gift guide, sponsored by ModCloth, is here to help you out. I was asked to choose items that would make great Valentine’s Day gifts, so here are my off-the-beaten path choices.

1. Pin Up Girl Lip Balm

All Smiles Lip Balm Set

This trio of all-natural, flavored beeswax lip balms are each labeled with the name of a saucy character with personality. Split them with your besties or gift them as a set. I hear they make a good bachelorette party favor too.

2. Punny Typewriter Mug

My Favorite Dings MugAs if having coffee together with your sweetie isn’t already pretty perfect, this mug takes it to a whole new level. Besides, try to come up with a more romantic pun. I dare you.

3. Wanderlust Wallet

Spread the cheerio

This would be kind of perfect to tuck two tickets to London into, now wouldn’t it? I mean it’s JUST a suggestion…but if I got that as a gift I certainly wouldn’t complain.

4. Polaroid Notecards
Instant Attraction Notecard Set

Write your love notes on cards that look like Polaroid photographs, or give the set as a gift and hope that you get a few written back to you!

5. Foxy Embroidery Kit

what does the fox dream“Happy Valentine’s Day, honey! You get to make this present yourself!” Okay, maybe that wouldn’t go over well. But if your Valentine is crafty, this little embroidery kit will be a hit. Or finish it yourself and gift the finished product. Plus, did you know that in Feng Shui, it’s considered good luck for relationships to decorate with pairs?

This list was super fun to put together and I hope it’s inspiring as you think about Valentine’s Day shopping!

Unlimited Fitness Classes

ClassPass referral linkWhen I got the opportunity to partner with a new fitness company that was expanding to Minneapolis, I was excited to try something new. I’m not a big gym person, I prefer class-based athletic endeavors like my Irish dance lessons. That’s why I was excited about ClassPass. It operates differently than other fitness memberships, giving you access to try out unlimited fitness classes at dozens of facilities around your city (ClassPass is in 20 cities around the US, and you can use a membership at any city if you travel). Monthly membership is super reasonable for unlimited classes: $79-$99 depending on your location and no yearly commitment is required. You know I wouldn’t recommend anything that wasn’t a good deal!

Classes you can take vary by city, but the options include yoga, barre, dance, cardio, zumba, and more. I love the concept of getting access to a ton of studios so you don’t have to choose just one. Cherry pick from the classes that interest you and design your perfect fitness schedule. Unlimited classes also means more motivation to work out!

Get $50 along with this ClassPass referral link

For a limited time, you can get a $50 Visa gift card and skip the waitlist by signing up through the ClassPass referral link they gave me to share with my readers.

Check back with me over the month of February when I’ll be posting more about my fitness class adventures!

Don’t Fear the Lilly Pulitzer Target Collab

IMG_5571An open letter to Lilly Pulitzer for Target critics

A few days ago Lilly Pulitzer announced its collaboration with Target, sending the blogging world into a frenzy. I immediately texted my Lilly-loving sorority sister, who reacted the same way I had to the news: with joy, elation and pure shock that something so great could happen. Our retail dreams were coming true on April 19, and we were marking our calendars in anticipation.

Meanwhile, others were having a different reaction. Social media is loud with voices appalled that the resort wear brand would partner with a budget retailer. They claim its clientele is beneath Lilly, which will get watered down by availing itself to Target-shopping paupers who can’t tell Shorely Blue Don’t Be Shellfish from Hotty Pink First Impression.

Those fears, besides being embarrassingly elitist, are unfounded. I say embrace this collaboration wholeheartedly, the way embraces our credit card numbers. Here are the major concerns I’ve read and why they are–seriously–no big deal.

IMG_5484Concern 1: Ordinary people will (gasp!) have access to the Lilly brand. This is not the type of collaboration that will stick around long enough to get branded with gaudy red clearance tags. It will sell out, and fast. And who will buy it up? Existing Lilly fanatics. I doubt it will even sit on shelves long enough for shoppers unfamiliar with the brand to get their hands on it. And if they do, so what? Think of it as more people getting to be inspired that “anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink!”

Take a deep breath. This collaboration is temporary. It will be over as fast as the Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer sale and will join its ephemeral Target collaboration predecessors (which include names as high end as Neiman Marcus and Missoni).

#LillyforTargetConcern 2: My Lilly dress won’t be as special now. The collection will include shifts and scarves, but the majority will be home goods. I’d ignore the apparel and focus on the cups! The hammocks! The beach towels! These types of items are rarely available on Lilly’s website, and often only as freebies with purchase. As a Lilly lover, I am excited about expanded home offerings, whether they’re available at Neiman Marcus, Horchow, Garnet Hill, or Target.

Concern 3: Only those who can afford it should be able to wear the brand. Lilly isn’t the extremely elite luxury brand some people seem to think it is. There are plenty of names that are more exclusive. And if you have to wear labels (or prints) to impress others, no amount of designer shifts will give you class. You can’t buy class for $20 at Target and you can’t buy it for $300 at Lilly. Real class comes from pride in yourself independent from the price tag on your clothes. Respecting others regardless of whether they can afford the same things as you–that’s class.

Concern 4: If Lilly were alive, she never would approve of the Lilly Pulitzer Target collaboration! The internet seems to think that this move is a mistake on the part of the Lilly brand. But what if the company’s motivation wasn’t only to introduce Lilly to a new stratification of consumer? I read a blog comment that speculated Lilly for Target was a drama-stirring ploy for a very specific kind of press coverage–bloggers. Well played, Target and Lilly. You win this round.

Let’s enjoy this collaboration for what it is–an iconic, beloved American brand being (temporarily!) expanded upon in a fresh retail setting. If you feel the need to boycott the collaboration out of principle, feel free. More for the rest of us! Enjoy your elitism while I enjoy my adorable, affordable Lilly for Target tumblers and napkins.

Lilly Pulitzer TargetWhat do you think–will Lilly Pulitzer Target dilute the Lilly brand? Will you be shopping the collection April 19?

All photos courtesy of Target