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Creative Baby Onesies

Creative Baby Onesies SuspendersCreative Baby Onesies: A Style For Everybaby

When I first found the blue newborn onesie below with a little tie appliqued onto it, I immediately knew two things: one, I was impulse buying it immediately for one of the new babies in the family; and two, the creative baby onesies trend was going to be something big.

Creative Baby Onesie TargetIt’s true–we’re realizing that baby clothes can go beyond fluffy bunnies and cute trains. These onesies are cute and humorous. (Side note: apparently retailers are calling onesies “bodysuits.” When did this happen and what sense does it make?)

Here are my favorite creative baby onesies. I think I can safely say there is something for every infant on your holiday shopping list. All images click through to retailers. Most prices are between $5 and $18, which is nice because babies’ clothing shouldn’t come with a price tag that belongs on a grownup’s outfit.

For the Holiday Party Social Butterfly

Creative Baby Onesies Christmas SweaterWhy miss out on the fun of tacky Christmas sweater parties just because you’re too small to fit into the sweaters? Let baby join in the festivities with this sweater vest onesie. Bonus points if you wear this (far tackier) grown up sweater that matches. If baby starts to cry, just tell everyone he’s horrified by how “ugly” his sweater is.

For the Mini Audrey Hepburn

Creative Baby Onesies Mini Audrey HepburnFor the baby with champagne–er, organic milk–tastes, give her a necklace she can’t pull and a purse she can’t dump the contents out of. From Nordstrom.

For the Black Tie Affair Attendee

Creative Baby Onesies TuxedoPut your little penguin in a bodysuit that will steal the show.

For the Bow Tie Baby

Creative Baby Onesies Bow tie vest It’s never too early to emulate your role model–in this case, Grandpa.

For the Pint-Sized Medical Professional

Creative Baby Onesies Lab CoatFor the baby who aspires to medical school, or just wants to treat her well baby visits like a theme party. Let her dress the part in this printed onesie.

For the infant who can’t let go of Halloween

Creative Baby Onesies donald duckIt’s socially acceptable to dress up year round if you’re a baby. Your favorite duckling becomes Donald or Daisy in this outfit designed for maximum adorableness.

What’s the cutest onesie you’ve ever seen? Those with DIY ambitions, how would you make your own creative baby onesie?

Welcome, Aubrey!

Abbie and AubreySomething special happened to me last month–I became an aunt for the first time! Over July 4th, I flew to see my new niece. She lives across the country from me so she was almost a month old when I met her.

I’m admitted biased, but I think she is pretty wonderful. She already has some great talents perfected including wiggling, smiling, yawning, sticking her tongue out and looking around so it’s obvious how smart and talented she will be.

I was reminded of a high school friend who told me that after her brother had a baby, their close-knit, small-town family stopped watching TV altogether and just sat around the living room staring at the baby. After spending a week with my niece, I totally understand (although I do admit that while I was there I did watch the first episode of Call the Midwife and possibly got hooked).

I got teary off and on the whole plane ride home. How can someone so little, who just came into existence, now command so much importance in my life?

How can I build a relationship with her as she grows, even though I can’t see her frequently?

In Aubrey’s honor I’m also announcing a new corner of my blog, Little Paperdoll, a section dedicated to kids’ fashion and activities. If there’s something you’d like to see there, I hope you’ll let me know!


Blacklist Vintage Closing Sale

vintage hats from blacklist vintageIt’s sad to see a good store close, and Blacklist Vintage is no exception. For six years, Vanessa has provided Uptown Minneapolis with one of the best-curated vintage collections in town. She is closing down the bricks-and-mortar store in order to travel and focus on selling exclusively online.

Blacklist Vintage moves online

The silver lining of the store closing is my favorite four-letter word: SALE. Blacklist will be clearing out its inventory beginning January 25th and continuing for a month. Vanessa created an event page so her fans can keep updated on the liquidation.

vintage scarvesYou’ll be able to score finds like the scarves and hats pictured here, among the rest of Blacklist’s collections which include treasures from every era. Everything from 1920s gowns, vintage records, fab furs, 60s aprons, and more, they’ve got you covered. The discounts promise to get steeper as the weeks go by, so you’ll want to check back for the latest updates. After the store closes, you’ll still be able to find Blacklist Vintage online on Etsy.