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Lisa Frank Apparel is Here, is Awesome

Lisa Frank leggings
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The news hit millennial women this week with a big neon bang. Lisa Frank is back in a big way and is just as brightly colored as ever. Now, you can actually wear the images that graced your childhood school supplies. Yes, there is such a thing as Lisa Frank leggings and other clothing.

I’ll wait a moment for you to stop hyperventilating.

If you’ve seen even a little bit of the collection sold by, you’ve probably gone though a series of thoughts. Chances are it went something like this.

Thoughts You Have While Looking at the Lisa Frank Clothing Line

This looks just like my childhood. I had those kittens on my folder in elementary school!

Could I pull those leggings off? Nah. But I’m probably gonna try anyway.

I. Require. A pair.

Hmm, I think the Cheetah on those pants would look a lot bigger on me than it does on that model.

Inflation hit Lisa Frank hard. $60 for a sweatshirt? But…worth it.

Where would I even wear this?

Well, to answer that last question for you…

5 Places to Wear Lisa Frank Leggings

1. Any place you need a confidence boost. Nothing says “I am a grown, capable woman confident enough to wear a unicorn over my crotch” like these leggings.

2. Your place of work. Granted, this works best if you are employed as a nanny, candy shop attendant, toy store clerk, or 90s-themed cafe barista, but if not don’t worry–you’re still young enough for a career change!

3. Dates. Preferably first dates. If he can’t handle you at your Lisa Frank, he doesn’t deserve you ever.

4.  Parties of any kind. You could wear Lisa Frank to my wedding and I couldn’t even be mad about it.

5. Everywhere. Let’s be honest, you knew that was the answer the second you laid eyes on this collection. Nineties women, we were made for this moment. The only Lisa Frank leggings question that remains is unicorns, dolphins or kittens?

Flag Bows for July 4th

A couple years ago, I wanted flag-inspired July 4th hair bows. I couldn’t find any, so I made my own.

Bow lovers this year can celebrate America all they want, because these beauties are easier to find than ever. And they’re all under $10! Case in point:

Cute, right? Perfect for you, your kids, or your dog. If you want to learn how to make them yourself (it’s so easy!) click on the image below to go to my tutorial.

DIY July 4th Hair Bows
July 4th hair bows

Wishing all my readers a happy and safe Independence Day weekend! Will you be wearing red, white and blue?

Made in Minnesota Fashion Design

a neutral color for springLocal, Intentional Goods

I love supporting local designers and the Midwest has plenty of artisans creating locally crafted jewelry, apparel and accessories. A lot of them create sustainable, upcycled and intentional products that are more than just beautiful and well-crafted. Today I’m sharing an outfit that features three such brands from my home state of Minnesota that design with wellness and sustainability in mind.

a neutral colored look

Made in Minnesota Accessories

I put together a neutral color palette to show off these accessories. The bracelet was specially designed by Moxie Malas for writers, using gemstones for the throat chakra. How cool is that? While I usually prefer color, it was fun to experiment with a neutral outfit color scheme.

leggings outfit

Hackwith Design House

The top is a Hackwith Design House which is also a local, hand-sewn fashion company that makes high quality garments, often out of upcycled fabric. I also featured them in a post here. Neutral colors are great to mix and match. Ivory, brown and black all go together effortlessly. Then you can pick a singular color to add in for a bright pop, like I picked blue here.

neutral outfit with leggingsOutfit Details

Leggings: Kate Spade (available in gray) and similar in black

Top: Hackwith Design House

Bracelet: c/o Moxie Malas

Necklace: c/o D8a Girl Designs

Photos by Miles Norwood. In case you missed it, see our first set of photos here.

Do you have a favorite small designer?

Bee Stylish

After posting about Bee Safe yards last month, I kept seeing bees galore in this season’s styles. You may think it’s all about flamingos and pineapples this season, but it’s also about the beautiful bee!

Aside from one questionable fashion moment where I accidentally dressed like a bee, I don’t usually sport my love of bees. This post inspired me to start looking for a statement piece that can start conversations about how rad bees are and how we can protect them.

Bee Jewelry and Accessories

Thrift stores might yield a bee treasure or two if you have time to search. One of my besties has a gorgeous silver bee brooch that suits her so well. For quick shopping, I rounded up these bee-themed styles available at retailers now. Some links are affiliate links, which support my blog with a paper doll-sized commission if you make a purchase through them.

Vintage-Look Bee Necklace

Bee Jewelry and AccessoriesA subtle way to accessorize with a bee charm that doesn’t scream yellow-and-black stripes.

Bee Earrings

Bee Jewelry and AccessoriesFor those who prefer their bee style to be accurate rather than cutesy, these representational bee studs are just the thing.

Honeycomb Pendant

Bee Jewelry and AccessoriesMade by Etsy seller Tangerine Jewelry Shop, these pendants have a tiny bee charm and honeycomb.

Modern Honeycomb

Bee Jewelry and AccessoriesThis well-designed take on the honeycomb pattern turns bee style into something ultra chic.

Beekeeper Patch

Bee Jewelry and AccessoriesI’m pretty sure I want to start some hives just so I can wear this patch. If you know a real beekeeper, this is a must-have gift for them.

Save Money on Summer Clothes

1Thank you to Groupon Coupons for sponsoring today’s post!

It seems like there is so much to spend money on in the summer! Summer travel, warm-weather clothes, back-to-school shopping…it all adds up, so saving money is important. I love getting deals so I can stretch my budget. Here are some of my favorite ways to save money on summer clothes I feature on this blog. Trust me, it’s not as hard as you think!

Take Your Time

Instead of buying on impulse, shop around. If you see something you like, check other stores to see if there’s a better price somewhere else. Sometimes it’s best to leave an item on the shelf to really consider if it’s something you should buy or not. Taking the time to comparison shop can help give you that clarity. Also think about how an item will fit in with what’s already in your closet. Read my extra tips on restyling your old garments and summer clothes on a budget.

Follow Your Favorite Stores

Find your favorite stores on social media and sign up for e-mail newsletters. You’ll be alerted of sales and promos, and after a while you’ll begin to predict patterns in the brand’s merchandising. Knowing when sales might pop up can help you make better decisions about when to buy (like knowing when the semi-annual Lilly Pulitzer sales are). Frequent shopper reward clubs are also an avenue to saving money. For example, Anthropologie’s Anthro Club sends a 15% off coupon good for the month of your birthday.

Check for Coupon Codes to Save Money on Summer Clothes

Before you buy something, it’s worth a look to see if there’s a code you can use to save a little cash. Groupon now has a section called Groupon Coupons that lists all available promo codes and sales for retailers including Macy’s, JCPenney, Target, Kohls, Aeropostale, and Tea. Just remember to check for coupons online before you click “checkout” on your online shopping cart! Pretty convenient.