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3 Winter Style Trends to Try in 2016

The following is a guest post by freelance writer Natalia A. Parsons sharing winter style trends for the New Year.

Winter Style Trends: 3 Accessories to Try in 2016

When a year ends, a lot of times we look back on the main happenings that molded us throughout the past 365-or-so days. Some moments stick out as grin-bearing bouts of happiness, whereas others we see as trials that made us stronger. And if you’re anything like the other fashionistas out there, chances are pretty good that you’ve also recounted your style over the year. Perhaps you took more risks than ever before, or you really fell in love with bohemian chic and never let it go.

Some fashion memories are proud ones—like the time you paired that printed skirt with that striped top and totally rocked it. But there are some other instances at which you shake your head. Don’t worry about the fashion blips. That’s why a new year is not only great for leaving behind the questionable life decisions, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to forget about those questionable fashion decisions, too.

And with that, I bring you three of the top winter accessories to be trending this winter. For a great wardrobe to bring in the new year… Try one (or all!) of these accessories:

A Fun Beanie

Brimmed hats are practically dime a dozen at this point. Head into the new year paying homage to the first winter hat you ever owned: the beanie. Beanies these days have fun, modern twists that are totally worth the hat hair. Just check out all the ways the women from Harper’s Bazaar sport their own styles in beanie form. You’re bound to fall in love with one!

eared beaniePhoto from Lyst

Sexy Thigh High Boots

Your snow boots will work just fine for the days you’re out running errands. But when day turns to night and you need some show-stopping footwear to bring the vibe to a whole new level? Well, you should lace up in some supremely sexy boots that hit just over the knee. Seen on a slew of celebrities, thigh highs that you can tie are the next step to fierce winter fashion. Even this page on Lyst says you should “up the glamour factor” with wedge or heeled styles.

Faux Fur Stole

In case you haven’t noticed, fur is one of the hottest fabrics this season. The fur vest has been basking in its moment this fall, but with winter just about to head into full force, now is the time to find a fur scarf or stole before the snow gets too thick. And not to worry, as explained here by Fashionisers, fur stoles also come in faux options, AKA “furless furs as Stella McCartney likes to call them.”

Special Occasion Hair Styling + Giveaway

Special Occasion Hair

Special Occasion Hair

I’ve pinned over 100 hairstyles on my Special Occasion Hair board on Pinterest, but I haven’t perfected many of these styles myself. Do you ever see a fancy braided hairdo and wish you could do it yourself? I attempted one…here’s what happened.

Special Occasion Hair

I needed a special occasion hair style to wear to a friend Liz of In Search of Water’s party earlier this month. I’ve been rocking braided hairstyles since I’ve had hair long enough to braid, but I usually just wing it. This time I used the step-by-step instructions from the book Stunning Braids by celebrity hair and makeup stylist Monaé Everett, which you can totally win at the end of today’s post!

Special Occasion Hair

The style I chose had a teased pouf behind a side braid that was a Dutch braid transitioned into a regular braid and then pankcaked to make it looser. Don’t know what those fancy braiding terms mean? I didn’t either, but the book filled me in. It’s really not as difficult as it sounds! I need more practice to perfect the braiding techniques laid out in the book, but with instructions it was easy to make it look nice.

Special Occasion Hair

Outfit Details:

Dress: Nordstrom Rack – Similar from Macy’s

Cardigan: Jean Paul Gaultier second hand –  Similar

Necklace: Target  – This one is very similar, just a different color, and it’s on mega clearance.

Stunning Braids Book & Giveaway

Hairstyles for special occasions

This book is easy to follow with photos for every step. The beginning has how-to tutorials for beginning braiders as well as some truly fancy ‘dos for more experienced stylists. It’s a great resource to have on your shelf for when you need inspiration for a new special occasion hair style. The styles in the book encompass options you could wear to weddings, parties, formals or just to work.

The publisher of Stunning Braids is generously giving away a copy of the book to one lucky Pink Paperdoll reader!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pretty Statement Jewelry to Accent Special Occasion Hair

70s Style Inspiration

70s inspired styleFollowing my last fall style post, which focused on classic fall style, this post is all about vintage and 70s style inspiration. The muted colors and warm browns of the era fit easily with fall’s color palette. And this season, 70s style inspiration is weaving its way back into style. Not everything about 70s style was good, but here are a few elements that celebrate it without going too overboard.

fall fashion: magic in the woodsElements of 70s inspired style

1. Brown tones. In this outfit I mixed various shades of browns and burgundies. You can mix and match neutrals of all kinds this season.

fall fashion: magic in the woods2. Loose fitting tops. This vintage peasant blouse I like for its vibrant color and unique embroidery on the front.

70s style inspiration3. Fringe moccasins. Fringe is more popular than ever, so embrace your inner flower child with fringed suede accents. Though here I substituted leaves for flowers in my hair–for the photos only 🙂

105_1280 (2)4. Braids! Braids were a hair style staple of many eras, but they featured very predominantly in the 70s.To do this hairstyle I made two loose French braids using my bangs on either side of my part, then transitioned to regular braiding at ear level and then pinned the braids back. It’s a super easy style!

105_1283 (2)5. Tights. So I’m actually not sure this is a 70s style inspiration, but with so many fun colors and patterns of tights available this season, why not?

Even if you don’t have a vintage top, below you can check out links to where to find similar items to make your own 70s style inspiration ensemble. Most of the pieces you can find for a steal (even a Burberry skirt!).  Fall styleOutfit Details

Boots – Minnetonka Moccasin   /   Skirt – Similar from Burberry, heavily discounted on consignment  /   Top – Vintage, Similar from Macy’s   /   Tights – Similar from Modcloth

What elements of 70s style inspiration are you incorporating this season?

Classic Fall Style

Fall styleFall as a season is all about going back to your own feel-good classics. Re-discovering your favorite statement coat. Pulling on your well-loved sweater. Enjoying those hot beverages you haven’t enjoyed since last year. Are you a Pumpkin Spice Latte, hot apple cider, cinnamon tea or hot chocolate person? That’s what’s great about this season–it’s up to you to decide!

105_1175 (2)Fashion too has a little bit of a pick-your-own adventure quality. Dabble in trends as you like, but we all have some fallback elements to our favorite cooler weather clothing choices. Here are my classic fall styles I keep going back to year after year.

Fall back on these classic fall style elements

  1. Gold Jewelry.
  2. Navy basics.
  3. Sweater dresses.
  4. Leather flats.

Style in the cornfieldsOkay, let’s talk about the elephant in the room cornfield for a second. Chevron isn’t exactly the cutting edge of fashion. Okay, so as a trend it’s completely dead, buried and has a tombstone. But apart from its overuse in 2012, the pattern itself (originally called Flame Stitch) is a classic. It was once used in art deco motifs and Hopi pottery and it still looks crisp and sharp in any season. I included it in today’s post because a) sweater dresses are hard to come by and I’m holding onto this one with a firm grip, and b) if you like something, you’re allowed to make it yours even after it fades from the public eye.

105_1178 (2)Navy is my go-to classic fall style neutral. Well actually it’s a favorite for any season, but it looks especially nice during autumn. Gold-colored jewelry is flattering against all those yellow-gold tones in the autumn scenery! It pairs great with warm browns, grays, and oranges.

Soon it will be time to swap bare legs for tights and leather flats for over-the-knee boots, but this is fun while it lasts.

Classic fall style detailsOutfit Details

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer Similar   /   Sweater: Lilly Pulitzer Similar   /  Jewelry:  Similar for only $10 /  Shoes: Frye

What are your go-to elements of classic fall style?

How to Survive the Lilly Pulitzer Summer Sale

Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale tipsTwice a year, prep-favorite clothing brand Lilly Pulitzer holds a big end-of-season sale. And every year, the exact same thing happens: the website crashes, no one can access it, and yet still everything you want in your size and color sells out. It’s enough to make you crazy, and judging from the comments on Lilly Pulitzer’s Facebook posts, it does exactly that to hundreds of shoppers. It’s a sale when emotions run high. Every poster falls into two extreme categories: either a) elated that they beat all the other shoppers in a race to empty their bank accounts into the hands of their favorite designer, or b) devastated that they missed out on what they wanted and livid with Lilly’s IT staff for letting the site crash yet again.

That’s right, Lilly’s sale site crashes every.single.year. And I think it’s far from accidental. A company as successful as Lilly has the means to keep their site from crashing even during a period of high traffic. They’re doing it on purpose as a marketing technique. Their skilled marketing team builds the excitement for the sale for weeks and turns it into a game–hunting for the retail-oriented, if you will. We’re encouraged to get up early, refreshing our browser obsessively until 7:59 turns over to 8:00 EST. Log in to your account the night before! Check out as soon as you put an item in your cart or it will sell out! Buy it now!!! I’m getting anxious just writing this.

It’s the perfect retail strategy. Yes, thousands of shoppers are upset and disappointed, but it’s clearly not hurting Lilly’s brand. The company has some mad marketing genius, I’ll give them that, but you don’t have to fall into this trap.

Last year, after the site went down for hours and no one was able to shop, I found the best post in reaction to it:lilly saleI like this lady’s attitude. Every year there are disappointments when shopping is delayed by site crashes and what you want sells out. This lady was the only rational person on social media during the Lilly Pulitzer summer sale, it seemed.

So now you know the game is rigged, here’s how to ease the emotional pain and keep your sanity through the Lilly Pulitzer summer sale. You don’t even have to go to the extreme of taking up knitting to make your own Lilly replicas.

Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale Tips: Keeping your sanity

1. If an item you want is sold out, before you drop into a deep depression and call in sick to work forever, check Signature Stores for the item you want. Zappos and 6 pm will sometimes have the same sale items still in stock long after they’ve sold out on And, both of those sites take returns! Last year, I opted to pay ten dollars more for the same shift on 6 pm instead for that very reason, rather than risking $69 on final sale through Lilly’s website.

Here are some very affordable Lilly items available through other retailers (Dillards and Saks 5th Avenue). These are in the range of $10-$26. So there are even better deals out there than what you’ll find at the summer sale!

2. If you bought something in a fit of Lilly Pulitzer summer sale obsession and changed your mind after it arrived, Lilly’s final sale policy during the end-of-season sales will leave you out a bit of money. Luckily, the brand holds it resale value (and sometimes even gains value with time) so try reselling on Re-Lilly on Facebook or e-Bay.

3. Know that Lilly keeps making cute stuff. So that adorable cocktail dress or floral tote bag you wanted and missed out on is only leaving room in your life (and budget) for next season’s line.

What are your best shopping tip? If you’ve scored something great, share in the comments!

(Photo used with permission from Target).