Fall styleFall as a season is all about going back to your own feel-good classics. Re-discovering your favorite statement coat. Pulling on your well-loved sweater. Enjoying those hot beverages you haven’t enjoyed since last year. Are you a Pumpkin Spice Latte, hot apple cider, cinnamon tea or hot chocolate person? That’s what’s great about this season–it’s up to you to decide!

105_1175 (2)Fashion too has a little bit of a pick-your-own adventure quality. Dabble in trends as you like, but we all have some fallback elements to our favorite cooler weather clothing choices. Here are my classic fall styles I keep going back to year after year.

Fall back on these classic fall style elements

  1. Gold Jewelry.
  2. Navy basics.
  3. Sweater dresses.
  4. Leather flats.

Style in the cornfieldsOkay, let’s talk about the elephant in the room cornfield for a second. Chevron isn’t exactly the cutting edge of fashion. Okay, so as a trend it’s completely dead, buried and has a tombstone. But apart from its overuse in 2012, the pattern itself (originally called Flame Stitch) is a classic. It was once used in art deco motifs and Hopi pottery and it still looks crisp and sharp in any season. I included it in today’s post because a) sweater dresses are hard to come by and I’m holding onto this one with a firm grip, and b) if you like something, you’re allowed to make it yours even after it fades from the public eye.

105_1178 (2)Navy is my go-to classic fall style neutral. Well actually it’s a favorite for any season, but it looks especially nice during autumn. Gold-colored jewelry is flattering against all those yellow-gold tones in the autumn scenery! It pairs great with warm browns, grays, and oranges.

Soon it will be time to swap bare legs for tights and leather flats for over-the-knee boots, but this is fun while it lasts.

Classic fall style detailsOutfit Details

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer Similar   /   Sweater: Lilly Pulitzer Similar   /  Jewelry:  Similar for only $10 /  Shoes: Frye

What are your go-to elements of classic fall style?

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