Running pupWhen the color mint exploded in popularity, I couldn’t have been happier. It’s one of my very favorite colors, so I loved the sudden availability of anything and everything mint. It could be said that I went a little overboard, as my outfit sometimes matches my purse which matches my water bottle…all  in some variation on aqua/mint/pale green. But honestly, it’s just such a great color. I wore it when the pup and I took a walk through a small town for a summer photo shoot. He was more interested in sniffing the grass than having his picture taken, as you can tell by the fact that only his tail appears in most of the shots.

Country mint & bowsOh yes, another mint item I forgot to mention: bows.

small town muralAdmiring a small town mural of a grain mill on the river.

Tractors, bows and mint

This day would definitely not have been complete without posing in front of the prerequisite tractor.

Summer in mintWe were both happy at the end of the day!

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  1. You totally rocked that outfit! I’m into mind/pale colors too. I haven’t tried green but will do in the future. Thank you for sharing! 😀

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