Derma E Firming DMAE Eye Lift ReviewNatural Products at Target

I love that Target is getting more natural products. It makes shopping there much easier. From gluten free macaroni in the grocery section to a growing number of health and beauty brands, there are many products that weren’t available there just a few years ago. The downside is that it’s so easy to buy more than you expected to! I try to make a shopping list before I go into stores to keep me on track.

Derma e Firming DMAE Eye Lift Review

I want to let you know about my new favorite product in the Derma e line, now available at Target: This eye cream, which I received free for review. I love this stuff, so I’m happy it’s available at conveniently at local Target stores. So far, it keeps my skin hydrated during winter months. In the fall I reviewed a different Derma e product, and my only complaint was that it was heavily fragranced which can be overpowering for some people. I love that this one is fragrance free! It has a thick consistency but isn’t heavy or greasy. It’s easy to apply eye cream — just squeeze a tiny bit onto your pinky finger and gently dab around your eye. It only takes a little bit, which means the product lasts nicely.

How do you stay on track when shopping so you get what you need (and only what you need)?

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