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Red, White & Bows

Happy birthday America! (Well, not quite, but I’m posting this a little early so you’ll have time to make and wear these.) This holiday calls for something decorative, preppy and Red, White & Blue. I searched everywhere last 4th for a patriotic hair bow and could not find one.  I was forced to take matters into my own crafty hands and teach myself how to make them. I learned that it’s very easy, as long as you find adorable ribbon and have access to hot glue. I’ve noticed more patriotic bows for sale this year, but making them yourself is a fun, inexpensive option. All you need is ribbon, hot glue, scissors and a hair clip. Here are some very basic instructions for making a hair bow.

How to: DIY Patriotic Hair Bows

1. Cut a length of ribbon twice as long as the length you want your bow. Where do you find stars and stripes ribbon, you may ask? I found mine at my local fabric store–they’re sure to have some this time of year. Ribbon two or three inches wide is best. I used wired ribbon, but that’s optional.

2. Fold the length of ribbon in half by holding the ends together to make a circle and flattening the circle so the ends are in the middle and in the back. Now wrap a smaller piece of ribbon around the center to make the “knot.”  Hot glue the center piece down. So you can see there is no tying happening with this bow–you’re faking it with two pieces of ribbon and some well-placed hot glue.

3. Glue the hair clip to the back. I use a plain bobby pin for mine, but depending on your hair’s density and texture you might need a different kind of clip.

You can also make these bows for your furry friends too. I slid the bow onto the pup’s collar and he looked positively dapper.

Matching girl & dog bowsDogs want to be patriotic too!

Always supervise your pet when he has a bow on, just in case. Perry recommends bows for special occasions only, not everyday wear.

Furry friend patriotic bowYay hairbows. Yay Liberty.

In too much of a hurry to DIY? Get some last minute accessories like these:

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