dry weather skincareDry Weather Skincare

Indoor heating and a dip in temperature can mean winter weather skin, which is dry and hard to keep moisturized. What can you add to your routine for dry weather skincare?

  1. Use a humidifier to keep the indoor air less dry.
  2. Make sure you’re swapping any drying soaps or face washes for mild cleansers.
  3. Use a nourishing moisturizer on skin twice a day. The one for night time should be thicker to help replenish moisturizer while you sleep. Read on for my review of Derma e Hydrating Night Cream.

Derma e Hydrating Night Creme Review

This brand started out with small roots at a health food store in California. Although it has grown, all the products are still vegan and cruelty free. Another cool fact that attracted me to the brand is that their manufacturing and operations are offset 100 percent by wind power.

As it is nourishing to dry skin but doesn’t leave it greasy, this blend is perfect for dry weather skincare. It leaves skin feeling and looking good so you can put your best face forward for fall. Those sensitive to fragrances should note that it is scented. Available at stores including Walgreens, the full line includes skincare solutions of all types including a hydrating day creme to complement the night creme I tried.

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Want to try a new hydrating creme for dry weather skincare for yourself? Dermae, this post’s sponsor, is giving readers a coupon for $2 off any Derma e product at Walgreens, which you can download here.

What are your best techniques for keeping skin happy in fall and winter?


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