Sometimes you want a costume that you can put together yourself. No one will have the same costume as you, you won’t be limited to what’s available in the store, and you can get it in a hurry if you’ve procrastinated. Stylish, a little humorous, and fun to portray, these are my top choices for creative and easy DIY Halloween costumes this year. No sewing required (unless you want to!). Now, which one to go as…easy DIY halloween costumes

1. Chanel #3 from FOX’s “Scream Queens.”

This quirky, campy show may not be that well known, but it’s heading toward cult classic status partly due to its well-dressed cast of characters. Your group of friends could go as all the Chanels, but call dibs on Chanel #3 because earmuffs, obvi!

The costume: Chanel #3 wears the same pastel, fur and pearl-heavy outfits as the other Chanels, but her signature omnipresent earmuffs set her apart. This Brooks Brothers skirt is the same one she wore in an episode.

Props: Chanel #3 usually can be seen with a sparkly beverage in hand.

Attitude: Speak in a low monotone. Nonchalantly work into conversation that your father is serial killer Charles Manson.

2. Eloise

Easy DIY Halloween CostumesThis childhood literary favorite is mischievous, bilingual, and extremely rich. Spoiled she may be, but luckily her outfit is incredibly simple to recreate.

The costume: Start with the basics of a white blouse, short black skirt, and white knee socks. Add black suspenders or straps made out of black ribbon. Then finish it off with black Mary Jane’s and a pink hair bow. I wanted to re-purpose and upcycle as much as I could while making this costume, so I made the suspenders out of an old pair of tights.

Props: All you need is someone who saved their Beanie Baby collection and voila! “Pugsly” becomes Eloise’s dog “Weenie.” If you have a real pet pug, you’d better be dressing up as Eloise. No excuses.

Attitude: Have fun telling people, “I am Eloise. I am a city child. I live at the plaza.” If you can pose against pink striped wallpaper, that is ideal. Bonus: accidental vandalism or destruction of property is very much within character for Eloise.

3. Tinkerbell

A classic costume that you can’t go wrong with. Can also easily be turned into a couple’s costume with a Peter or a Hook, or a group costume with all your besties dressed up as Tink’s fairy entourage.

The costume: A short green dress is item number one. If you don’t need to re-wear the dress, cut a a petal pattern in the skirt for a true fairy look. Hair up in a bun. A pair of wings, which you can DIY if you don’t have a pair.

Props: A little bottle of “fairy dust” to sprinkle around. Your party hosts would probably prefer that this is imaginary versus real glitter.

Attitude: Out of your favorite candy? Spilled your drink? You have license to pout about anything that doesn’t go your way.

Happy Halloween, readers! Who are you going as this year?

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