So I recently, sort of accidentally, found a color combination for fall that I love. Wanting to make a summer shift work into autumn, I paired it with a cardigan in navy. I added gold accessories to match the buttons on the sweater and it all came together into one ensemble of warm autumn goodness!

I had a really great pair of gold shoes to go with this outfit originally, but they were only comfortable for like, ten minutes. So no, not doing that.

Not everyone is comfortable wearing orange, but before you assume you’ll never wear it consider alternate shades of the color. This dress isn’t pumpkin orange, it’s more of a dusty coral which works better for me. Shades of orange you might try include peach, salmon, burnt orange, red-orange, or even shades of warm brown.

Colors of fall - orange, navy, goldThe gold jewelry I bought inexpensively at Forever 21 in the summer for a friend’s Guyanese wedding and they matched my saree perfectly. I was happy to find they were versatile enough to wear again (like with this outfit) and they are still available at the store so you can pick up your own–see links below. The shift I’ve had for two years and it’s seen many weddings, but I found a very similar one that’s also listed in the outfit details links.

Fall accessoriesSo, here’s to the new season, and may you find fall color combinations for 2014 that make you happy autumn is here!

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Outfit Details:

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  1. Abbie, this outfit ROCKS!! I am sorry it took me so long to follow your blog – it was so great running into you this weekend! I will DEFINITELY be catching up with you on here often!! 🙂 Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

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