Malaysian Singer Bihzhu's Signature StyleThis week’s Featured Fashionista is Malaysian singer Bihzhu. She gives us a taste of her music and fashion, both influenced by her beautiful, tropical island hometown of Penang.

Fashion-wise, Bihzhu loves color and print, quirky items, and a splash of glam. Sounds pretty perfect for a stage performer, right? The singer says that fashion inspiration can strike from anywhere. “Every time I travel, I will trawl the vintage stores. My current favorite is Beacon’s Closet in NYC. Even my parents and my brother love it because there’s something for everyone! Otherwise it’s bazaars and flea markets at home.”

Bihzhu’s blossoming music career keeps her busy. She performed in the musical “Merrily We Roll Along” which was staged for the first time in Asia this past May in Kuala Lumpur. The follow up to her first album is in the works with a hopeful release date of early 2015. In addition to gigs in her home country, Bihzhu’s touring schedule will take her to the Jarasum International Jazz Festival in Korea this October.

Bihzhu gained international attention several years ago with her upbeat, catchy song “The Heart Way,” the 2013 VIMA “Song of the Year” winner and “Vox-Pop Winner” in the Cabaret Song category for the 12th Independent Music Awards. It’s more than worth a listen…or several. Once you start listening to it you won’t be able to stop!

In 2013, Bihzhu gave a TEDx talk about following your dreams and how she became a successful professional musician. It’s inspirational and I recommend it for anyone with a dream, no matter what that dream is.

Bihzhu’s favorite quote is one that you can tell she really lives by: “Creativity, bountifulness, and gratitude go hand in hand.” – Harold Klemp

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