Frozen Princess Anna Costume

I worked too hard on this not to share it! This is my Frozen Princess Anna costume, AKA the culmination of hours and hours of hand stitching and multiple trips to the fabric store.

The dog was supposed to be Sven but he ate his reindeer antlers so that’s not actually happening.

Anna Costume

I’m especially proud of the applique, which is made from felt, and the cape. The skirt and vest are actually upcycled from old garments that were cut down and re-sewn. The vest was a 3/4 sleeve shirt I no longer wore, so I cut off the sleeves and those became the boot spats. Everything else was made from materials I already had, so I only had to buy the shirt, the gold trim and the felt!

Princess anna costume Halloween 2014

Did you make or buy your Halloween costume this year?

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  1. This costume looks amazing! As a sewer I can’t imagine how much time you spent making this.

    My best friend is obsessed with Frozen so I’m going to send this to her immediately. ?

  2. I LOVE THIS. I was in London for Halloween, and wasn’t feeling particularly creative, but I would have totally dressed up as a character from Frozen! Although, truthfully, I would have gone as Olaf. ?

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