gift wrapping shoebox ideasI’m going to let you in on a little trick I’ve been using for several years now. Instead of wrapping gifts in one-time use paper, I’ve devised a way to make reusable packaging that makes presents oh-so-adorable. Gift wrapping shoebox presents is pretty easy and fun–here’s how.

This is what you do:

1. Buy the nice paper that you love. These little peppermints stole my heart. Pink isn’t exactly the front and center color of the winter holidays, so I snapped these papers up.

2. Wrap shoe boxes like you would a normal gift, paying extra attention to the corners to make them look nice. Start with the covers (they’re easier) and then the bases.

3. Place presents in the boxes (you can add tissue paper as you would in a gift bag) and garnish with ribbons and gift tags (but anything sticky will ruin the paper on the box).

4. Save and reuse these babies for as long as you can. The packages look really classy, it’s environmentally friendly (wrapping paper isn’t usually recyclable), and it actually reduces wrapping time once you have a little collection made.

So there you have it–reusable gift wrapping shoebox ideas.

Beautiful, unique wrapping paper can often be found in little gift stores and boutiques. Here is a selection I found of truly unusual gift wrapping items that will make your gift wrapping shoebox masterpieces stand out in the heap.

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  1. Great idea. I will use this. Just the idea of never having to wrap again sends a true joy of the season thrill up my spine. And it’s as “green” as a real Christmas tree. Sweet!

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