Blair outfitBetcha didn’t know today was Gossip Girl Day! Seriously. I’m linking up with other bloggers to share our style ensembles inspired by the show. Thanks for hosting, The Monogrammed Midwesterner, Carrie on Blogs, and Behind Her Monogrammed MacBook! It’s slightly ironic that bloggers are crazy about Gossip Girl because it’s about the creepiest, most drama-crazy blogger in NYC. But no matter–we won’t let that plot point get in the way of an opportunity to discuss the amazing fashion landscape that is this GG. The show was really a fashion magazine disguised as a six season soap opera and I loved every designer-saturated, exaggeratedly dramatic moment.

The stylists for this show were very clear on developing each character’s personality through style. Serena is sequins, bohemian, and effortlessly sexy; Blair is classy, polished, and traditional; and Jenny…well, that just went downhill fast. Personally I loved both Blair and Serena’s styles. Style-wise I’m more Blair than Serena, but I’d have to be crazy not to admire Serena’s daring and fashion-forward looks. Although, side note: I really disagreed with Serena’s choice of husband in the finale. You really shouldn’t get me started on this.

Gossip Girl day1. Who is your outfit inspired by and why did you pick them?

There are so many good gossip girl fashion moments to draw inspiration from–headbands, capes, classy wool coats, and tights come to mind. I was inspired by Blair’s blazers and colored tights for this outfit. So here is contribution to Gossip Girl Day 2015, in the form of a Blair-inspired outfit, which I found pieces of at Marshalls/TJMaxx (a place Blair would not be caught dead in–don’t tell her).

Gossip Girl day link up2. Favorite Gossip Girl Moment?

Probably the finale, minus the above mentioned Serena wedding thing. I know most fans of the show will disagree with me–let me know what you thought of it!

Peach laceDress: Similar / Jacket: Similar at H&M / Necklace: Similar by Trina Turk / Tights: Nordstrom / Boots: Similar / Bracelet: Similar (The jewelry made appearances earlier).

I’ll leave you with the iconic words of Blair Waldorf from season 3, episode #19: “Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.”

Gossip Girl Day

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