How to find Images for Blog Posts

It’s no secret that images make blog posts better. It’s a significant factor in SEO ranking, makes posts more appealing on social shares, and breaks up the type nicely on your web page.

Sometimes I create blog posts around the images–a common example of this is an outfit of the day posts. Other times I write the post first and need to find images to accompany it. So where do you find images? One thing you cannot do is search online and take any photos you see, as you could quickly find yourself in a copyright infringement situation. There are several safe options for how to find images for blog posts.

How to Find Images for Blog Posts

1. Take the photos yourself. Most bloggers do this, as it allows you to craft a custom image, you own the rights to it, and it’s part of the creative outlet of blogging. I’ve loved some of the photos I’ve taken with posts in mind, like this one.

2. Find a creative commons licensed photo online. Photo sharing sites like Flickr allow searching by license. Photos marked as creative commons are available for your own use. I did this when I needed a dance photo for a post. I commented to the photographer on Flickr that I would be using his photo and I gave the photographer credit on my blog post.

3. Ask a photographer for permission to publish. Just because a photo isn’t labeled creative commons doesn’t mean you don’t have a shot at using it. Contact the photographer to explain how you would use the photo if given permission.

4. Partner with a photographer. Many bloggers have partnerships with photographers to help them get high quality, custom images. Here’s a collaboration I did with a photographer.

5. Find stock images online. This option doesn’t have to be expensive! There are some free sites out there, but I haven’t had much luck finding images I like. I’ve been enjoying my free week trial to GraphicStock. I’m running a giveaway to a year’s subscription that ends Monday, July 6th so be sure to check it out!

Do you have any questions about where to find photos for your blog or website? Comment below and I’ll answer them!

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