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The news hit millennial women this week with a big neon bang. Lisa Frank is back in a big way and is just as brightly colored as ever. Now, you can actually wear the images that graced your childhood school supplies. Yes, there is such a thing as Lisa Frank leggings and other clothing.

I’ll wait a moment for you to stop hyperventilating.

If you’ve seen even a little bit of the collection sold by, you’ve probably gone though a series of thoughts. Chances are it went something like this.

Thoughts You Have While Looking at the Lisa Frank Clothing Line

This looks just like my childhood. I had those kittens on my folder in elementary school!

Could I pull those leggings off? Nah. But I’m probably gonna try anyway.

I. Require. A pair.

Hmm, I think the Cheetah on those pants would look a lot bigger on me than it does on that model.

Inflation hit Lisa Frank hard. $60 for a sweatshirt? But…worth it.

Where would I even wear this?

Well, to answer that last question for you…

5 Places to Wear Lisa Frank Leggings

1. Any place you need a confidence boost. Nothing says “I am a grown, capable woman confident enough to wear a unicorn over my crotch” like these leggings.

2. Your place of work. Granted, this works best if you are employed as a nanny, candy shop attendant, toy store clerk, or 90s-themed cafe barista, but if not don’t worry–you’re still young enough for a career change!

3. Dates. Preferably first dates. If he can’t handle you at your Lisa Frank, he doesn’t deserve you ever.

4.  Parties of any kind. You could wear Lisa Frank to my wedding and I couldn’t even be mad about it.

5. Everywhere. Let’s be honest, you knew that was the answer the second you laid eyes on this collection. Nineties women, we were made for this moment. The only Lisa Frank leggings question that remains is unicorns, dolphins or kittens?

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