May it Be of Use Month has come to a close, and I’m happy to report that I more than reached my goal. It was challenging and fun and I highly encourage you to participate next year.

What I gave away since my last update:

I boxed up a bunch of clothes to send off to a girl a bit younger than me who has a style similar to mine (boho chic, feminine, and lots of skirts!).

Got this Art Nouveau print bag ready to mail to my old harp teacher. She used to admire a bag like this that I carried my music around in when I took lessons from her. I’d found one for her and meant to give it to her for years and yet I never got around to it. So I mailed it off to her along with a card and some old photos from a recital. I haven’t seen her since high school and I don’t even know if she remembers me or the bag. Art Nouveau Tote BagFound my old baby clothes from the 80s picked out a few items to give to my brother and sister-in-law who just had a baby. Cause who doesn’t want the most hipster baby on the block, wearing all genuine 80s vintage threads? 80s baby hatOther miscellaneous things were bagged up to be picked up by a local charity.

What I’ve learned this month is that letting things go to a good home is freeing. It’s also a lot of work. May it Be of Use Month is probably most successful as a year-round lifestyle. I have to change my way of thinking and always be on the lookout for what can be made of use by letting it go.

For more inspiration, see posts about organizing, giving stuff away and May it Be of Use.

Thanks to those who participated including the creator of May it Be of Use, Maggie Harris, and blogger Emma from It’s Emma Elise.

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  1. what a neat idea! I am actually working on doing that with my stuff. I am going through it putting aside the things I don’t need or use and looking for others who can use it. It is for sure time consuming, but worth it.

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