Well we’re about a week into May it Be of Use Month and I want to update weekly on my progress. First of all I just want to say I am so excited about the energy behind this idea! It’s inspired me to finally move on some stuff that I’ve been putting off for quite a while. Seeing other bloggers get on board has been exciting as well–shout out to Emma from It’s Emma Elise for coming on board and writing this post about May it Be of Use.

I’ve thought a lot about how my stuff may be of use to others this past week. I’ve delved into the far corners of my closet, explored previously uncharted basement territory (scary) and used my creativity to imagine who might benefit from this stuff. Although I’ve identified a ton of stuff to give and organized it, I haven’t actually gotten around to giving it away. It takes more logistical juggling than I anticipated. You have to call for a charity pickup, arrange to see someone you want to give something to, or go to the post office and pay for shipping.

So the only thing I actually finished was something that didn’t require any work other than just stepping outside. I found four stray horse chestnuts and put them outside for the squirrels. Who said May it Be of Use can only benefit humans?horse chestnutTotal items actually given away: 1 (counting all four chestnuts as an item). Okay, so I’m a little behind, but I’ve laid the groundwork for a successful May it Be of Use Month ahead.

What are you giving away this month? Don’t forget to check out the online May it Be of Use Community on Facebook.

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