May it Be of Use MonthWhen I saw this idea posted on Facebook, I knew I had to jump on board. We all have nearly new stuff lying around we’re not using. The idea, created by Maggie Harris, is to give away one item a day during the month of May to someone who can actually use it.

“This May, I have decided I am calling “MAY it be of use” month. Every day I will be *responsibly* purging something from my home that is useful but not used by us, every day in May. Imagine the de-clutter and the help that can come from 31 days of “MAY it be of use”, says Maggie.

This is meaningful to me because throughout my life people have generously given me hand me down items that were truly useful to me in times when I didn’t have a lot of extra cash. I’d love to pay that forward, but honestly a lot of stuff that I have just sits and sits unused at my house. So, this is the month that changes!

So why give stuff away for free, you might ask, if it might be worth something? If you have the time to sell your stuff online or through a garage sale, I applaud your efforts wholeheartedly. I’ve meant to have a garage sale for, oh, probably three years now, and it never happens. Meanwhile, the stuff keeps accumulating.

For example, I had a floral blazer sitting in the back of my car for an embarrassingly long time, destined for the consignment shop but never actually making it there. Eventually I needed to clean my car out so this lovely jacket wound up that very day on a lovely friend whose health sometimes prevents her from doing a lot of shopping. She looked great in the bright blazer, which fit her perfectly! Every time I think of it I feel so giddy that something that was a hindrance to me became a cherished possession to someone else. That’s why I’m so excited about May it Be of Use Month–I could have gotten maybe $5 off consigning the jacket, but the relief of not having it on my to-do list and the pleasure of seeing it go to good use is worth far more than that.

So, where to start? An item a day is pretty daunting for me and my busy schedule, so I’m going to focus on doing this once per week for a total goal of 31 items. For example, if I give away ten items in a free stuff “sale” next weekend, then I’ll count that as ten toward my goal.

Ideas to get started with:

-Clothing you bought but never wore, but might suit a friend’s size and style.

-Kitchen items that you’re not using could be given to a family member going off to college or getting her first home.

-Don’t have a specific person in mind? Just bag up your miscellaneous goods for drop off at a local charity.

Let’s see what we can give. Join in and let me know what you’re giving with the hashtag #MayitBeofUse on twitter and Instagram and be sure to share your ideas and inspiration with the May it Be of Use facebook page.

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  1. I love love love this idea! As I’ve been preparing to mov out of my college apartment, I have definitely been giving a lot of stuff to my friends for free. I went through all my clothes (about to do this again!) and gave my clothes to my sorority sisters who needed it. I’m giving my entertainment center and coffee table to a friend who is moving into her first apartment. It’s great to not just be decluttering my home, but also helping others who need this stuff!

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