Not that I’m panicking or anything, but the Month of May is halfway over and so is May it Be of Use Month. I’ve so enjoyed spending this time getting inspired to let go of the things that are overcrowding my life. It’s been daunting at times because there is SO MUCH OF IT and I’m behind my goal. I’m quite overwhelmed.

Inspiration comes in unusual ways, though. I looked out the window yesterday morning to see two families gathered in the neighbor’s yard in front of their huge play structure. Their kids have apparently outgrown it, so they were disassembling the huge yellow slide, tire swing, and tree house to give to the three-year-old several houses down. I watched as they put it on a truck and both families walked it down the street to its new home. Wow, I’m inspired–these people didn’t even know about May it be of Use, and they just gave a huge gift to the littlest neighbor.

Speaking of May it Be of Use and little ones, I found several erasers to give to my coworker’s son who loves cute erasers.

Eraser collectionI even got a thank you note:

Thank You NoteIt’s the little things that keep you moving when you’re working on a daunting task like this! By the way, I’m working on compiling all the resources for giving items away–where to donate books, where to donate clothes, etc. If you give to a favorite charity or have a suggestion, let me know and I’ll include it in an upcoming post!

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