beard care products reviewsSometimes I write posts for the guys, for which I often need a little help from friends. Two of them helped on this post by doing beard care products reviews and sharing their opinions with us on The Pink Paperdoll. Would these make good gift ideas for the man in your life? Let’s see what they say!

Beard Care Products Reviews

My first reviewer, Jeff, describes himself as a down-to-earth guy who works in the healthcare field. Since he lives and works in small-town MN, a region rife with Lumbersexuals, he has perfect credentials for reviewing facial hair care products. Personally though, he says he “stays away from a big beard in favor of keeping a ‘stache that’s neat and trim.” Can’t scare the patients at the acupuncture clinic!

Mustache Wax

mustache wax

Jeff says: “Right after opening the mustache wax I loved the scent. Subtle, yet definitively masculine. Because I have to keep my mustache kind of short for work, I wasn’t able to do much outside of a curl at the very edge, but the hold was great. Regardless, I received a number of compliments for it from the ladies I work with. I would get this again, and I would recommend this to any man who wants to spice things up with a stylin’ ‘stache.”

Premium Beard Oil & Conditioner

Beardsman spirit beard oil

Next we’ll hear from Ben, a medical professional from Texas, about the Beardsmen Spirit Beard Oil. Here’s what he has to say about it:

“Beardsmen Spirit Beard Oil is potentially life changing for some men. To give you some context, I hated the idea of putting an oil on my face because I used to struggle with acne. I also only occasionally grow a beard which has its own challenges, largest among which is the itching. This beard oil not only is effective at almost alleviating the itching, it also does not cause acne and smells amazing. The only struggle is needing to wash my hands after I apply the oil, but I’m no longer constantly scratching or shaving down the beard because it gets too itchy. Although my mom hates the longer beards [blogger’s note: me too], I continue to enjoy the constant face warmer that’s just getting more fun the longer it gets. I don’t have an incredibly long or thick beard, but it feels more substantial and comfortable with the oil vs. without. Get ready to enjoy your beard more with this product!”

Thanks to my reviewers for helping with this beard care products reviews post and Beardsmen Spirit for gifting review samples to them.

What do you love (or hate) about facial hair? Let’s share in the comments!

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  1. Ha! This was entertaining since Clay has been growing his beard out. He loves beard oils too for anti-itch but it’s a different brand. Def a good gift idea!

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