Caro Nan basket pursesUpdated January 2017  I found out about Caro Nan basket purses while I was having lunch at my favorite little co-op last week, lamenting my lack of inspiration for blog posts. As I ate my free range, organic soup, a woman sat at the table next to mine and took out a little picnic basket. As she ate her free range, organic soup, I eyed up the little basket. I’d never seen anything like it. It was very obviously vintage and had clearly seen better days, since its little painted houses were chipped and the wooden lid worn. I summoned up the courage to approach her and interrupt her lunch (which is pretty uncharacteristic of me, but anything for the sake of blogging).

The woman told me that it was a Caro Nan basket and she’d bought it at a local vintage store. She showed me a penny with the year of its manufacture glued to the top. I let her return to her lunch and ran home to research this adorable new discovery.

History of Caro Nan Basket Purses

Very little information exists on Caro-Nan baskets, and the information I did find was anecdotally sourced from people who remember buying the baskets, or whose mothers had one, or were friends with the basket makers themselves. Piecing together this information, it appears that they were created in the 1960s and ‘70s by Carolyn McDaniel and Nancy Steele out of Jacksonville, Mississippi. The two friends started making purses as a hobby which then grew into a business that employed local housewives. Nancy’s daughter had the job of gluing  the pennies to the top of the baskets. The baskets enjoyed wide popularity in the South and soon were sold throughout the U.S.

One distinguishing feature of Caro-Nans is the village painted on the sides. Many of the baskets were customized for the places they were sold, and the paintings depicted actual shops and buildings in the town. Other designs were custom painted for the owners and include motifs of animals, mushrooms, insects, fruit or flowers. Decoupage elements were sometimes added to the lid or rim of the baskets, and a floral lining covers the inside.

Caro Nan basket purses with pennyHere’s the top of a 1968 Caro Nan basket purse and the close of up the penny. Find similar styles for sale on Etsy.

One distinct characteristic of Caro Nan is images of streets and buildings, but they can have other designs as well, such as this one of flowers.  As long as the signature is there, it’s a real Caro Nan.

Buying Caro Nan Basket Purses

Caro Nan basket purses sell for $10-40, depending on the condition. I’ve seen them even higher, in the $100+ region. This whale Caro Nan is an example. If you want a pristine basket you might have to look harder since these were created to be used as purses and naturally sustained wear and tear. If you’re just looking for a unique lunch box to have passerby admire at the co-op, you’re in luck as they are relatively easy to find online and at vintage shops at a reasonable price point. I know I’m definitely going to be keeping my eye out for one so I can eat my lunch in vintage style. If you see any for sale, let me know.

If you have a story about Caro Nan basket purses or have more information about the history of the baskets, I would love to hear from you!

Updated 3/2016: A reader kindly informed me of an article in her local newspaper about the founders of Caro Nan and an upcoming show at the ESSE Purse Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas. Thank you so much for keeping up informed on information on this subject!

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  1. That was ME. I saw your card on the co-op wall and thought it might be the woman who asked about my purse. Well about a week later my purse finally lost its bottom and is no more. I miss it terribly and will be looking for a replacement soon. It lasted 10 years of year- round constant use and I believe finally succumbed to my 4 year old twins using it as a bench or step stool. I LOVE that purse and am glad you thought it was unique and fun enough to write. About.

    • Wow! This is so cool! I’m thrilled you found my blog. Thanks for the inspiration for this post. That’s hilarious that your twins use it as bench and step stool haha. I hope you find a cute new one for cheap. Send me some pics of it when you do!

  2. I have a Caro Nan basket that I found second hand in the Los Angeles area in the 80’s. It does not have any buildings or a penny, but instead has flowers and a little girl carrying a basket of flowers painted on the lid. I always had assumed it was a one of a kind basket that someone had decorated. I had no idea that there were others like it- until I just researched the name written inside the lid. The construction is outstanding and has held up remarkably well given its potential age (I’ve owned it nearly 30 years!). I never used it as a purse, however over the years it has been the container for a variety of things such as my daughters toys or sewing supplies. It is interesting to learn about this basket after so many years!

    • Your bag sounds adorable! If you have photos you’d like to share I could add them to this post. Yours is different from all the others I’ve come across. Feel free to get in touch by email or Facebook.
      Using a Caro Nan as a sewing basket is a fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing your story!

    • Hello Ladies,
      Seems that I may have found the site I was searching for! I have found a Basket at a local estate sale from one of the most Wealthiest Ladies in our Town. This basket has never been used and has all original Tags still intact. Including original sales receipt and this basket was signed to Higbees! Very Pristine Basket and actually looks like it belongs in a museum. It is Natural wood color with a Golf bag on the lid and a tee on the side.
      If any lady here may be interested in this fine piece of History with all tags from the Sixties still attached please call me anytime(419)677-9931
      Thanks for your site and info,God Bless!!!

  3. Love to hear about other Caro Nan admirers!! I have two baskets (one with a 1962 penny, and the other with a 1965 penny). One of the baskets depicts scenes from Oklahoma City, and the other from Tulsa, OK.

    I also have a smaller basket (maybe 3/4 size) that is also signed, but has no penny. This basket has paintings of owls on the top, and a leather band around the top. All are in excellent condition.

    I use one as my purse and I am stopped at least once a day by people commenting on them.

    Lucky for me, my baskets didn’t travel far. I live in Norman, OK. I found all my baskets at auctions or thrift stores!! I adore them!!

  4. Found my mama’s 1961 Caro Nan largo basket purse aftershave she died. The purse was made for a shop in Shreveport, La. I watched her window shop for weeks looking at that purse . I got the money from Daddy and went to the Snart Shop and bought it for Mother’s Day. It is one of the treasures she kept.

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Pam! I love hearing about the beautiful memories readers have with their Caro Nans.

  5. My Mom knows I enjoy vintage handbags. She gifted me her Caro Nan bag a few years back. I love it!! We both worked at a small gift a china shop in Superior Wi. the owner wintered in Fl. and brought the basket bag back from her trip! It was signed and Personalized “To Edelsteins” the name of the shop! I do get interesting comments, all positive, but mostly,” Where can I find a bag like that?”

  6. I bought one from a little old lady at a yard sale for two dollars. I didn’t know exactly what it was, just that it looked interesting. I couldn’t figure out why someone would glue a penny to the top and planned to remove it and paint the purse. She had removed part of the lining to put in a flower arrangement at some point. I think I will restore it now. Do you know what they originally cost?

    • That’s an amazing deal for a collector’s item like a Caro Nan. I haven’t heard what they originally sold for, but if I find out I’ll update this page. Thanks for sharing your shopping find!

      • My mom carried this purse for many years the penny says 1962. The year I was born. My mom took very good care of her purses so the one I have is from Houston and I don’t even think the paint is chipped. It looks brand new. I can remember sneaking a kitten into our apartment because we didn’t want them to know. She passed 5 years ago today. This purse is very special. I would like to know how much it is worth.


  7. I love my Caro Nan! I found it at an antique shop and fell in love with its unique look. I’d like to start collecting them. Mine is band new with the tag still. The tag has seen better days but I’m in love! Wish I knew how to share a pic here!

  8. I bid on vintage Caro Nan purse at our local quilt show silent auction and won.It was originally sold at the local Jacobson’s Department store and depicts Dearborn landmarks. It was made in 1980. It is very unique to our city.

  9. I just got my first Caro Nan in the mail today! I was searching eBay for basket purses in general, and tons of Caro Nans were there, typically in the $25-50 price range plus shipping (another $10-$15). There was one red one that popped up with adorable birds on the top, and one on the side. I won it for $2.95! When it arrived today I was amazed at how perfect it is…nearly mint, although missing its penny. I hopped online to learn more about Caro Nan and found your blog. Thanks for doing all the research! xo

  10. It’s interesting these have a brand name. I have one but my mom actually made them for people in her life.. It’s not an actual “Caro-Nan” but she said that it was a trend to make those back in the day and hers looks identical to the one posted… My mother in law then saw mine (the one my mom had made in 68 and gave to me this year to keep my crocheting in) and freaked out saying it was all the rage back then. She said everyone would make them and she wasn’t crafty enough to make one. So I think you may find non “Caro-Nan” ones out there.. I think Caro- Nan just sold theirs, therefore the name. Thanks for sharing!

    • What a fascinating piece of the story! I know brand name Caro Nans have a signature somewhere on them. Thanks for your comment!

  11. This article about the two ladies who founded it from Jackson, MS was in our newspaper this morning. There is a short video clip on the page, too. They started out in Jackson just locally and then started making them for other areas as demand increased. I can remember seeing these in the 70’s for sure. In MS, Handcrafted items were “big” in the 70’s. Purses, wood crafts, you name it. Enjoy! I found your article through google this morning!

  12. I grew up in Jackson, MS and my mother had one of these purses that she bought in the latter 1960’s and continued to use it occasionally throughout the ’70’s. As a young girl, I loved admiring the buildings on her purse. I wish she still had it!! It was probably donated to a local Goodwill. Such a fun memory though! Thanks for the nostalgia!!

  13. Thank you for all the info. I have one pained Blue with sail boats on the sides and a ships wheel on top. No penny though. I’ve been cleaning out boxes that have been packed away for quite a while. I’m pretty sure I purchased this one in Bath, Maine – probably in the 80’s. It’s so cute, I decided not to sell it. One problem – the inside smells musty – does anyone know of a way to clean that – or remove it to replace with something else. Thanks

    • Thanks for finding The Pink Paperdoll and sharing your Caro Nan story, Jo Ann. It sounds cute! Try airing it out open in the sun when you’re sure it isn’t going to rain. There are natural enzyme sprays for mildew you can try like this one just make sure to spot test to see how it will affect the fabric before you use it on the whole thing. Let us know if you find something that works!

      • I have been an antiques dealer for over 40 years. Place a new dryer softener sheet inside the purse to remove a musty smell. You may need to place the purse in a large plastic bag with another dryer sheet and seal it with a twist tie. Leave it there for several days.

  14. My mom who is about to turn 90 has carried a Caro Non basket ever since I can remember….I have even repainted the handle for her several times… as it seems to get the most wear. She gets comments on it wherever she goes! This year for Christmas, my daughter found a similar one at a marketplace in Boston, and gave it to me as a gift. 🙂 I didn’t know there were so many varieties and sizes. My moms is specific to Santa Barbara, and mine has a nautical theme. It was fun to search them on line and see that others love them as much as we do!

  15. Hi, Thank you very much for all the research you did on these crazy purses and sharing it all with us! My mom loved her collection of Caro Nan purses and was well known in our little town for them. She rarely used any other kind of purse in my entire lifetime. When she died at the age of 90 a couple of years ago she was still carrying around one of her small CN purses to hold her tissues, lipstick and mailbox keys. I have all of her purses, about 9 in total, all different from each other some tall, short, white, natural, mostly with buildings of different southern California towns, but one is a seashell design. Most are pretty beat up, a testament to their years and years of use. The sound of that lid slapping shut and the metal clasp rattling will always remind me of my mom.

    • What an amazing collection of Caro Nan memories, Sari! Thank you so much for sharing. I love hearing all these stories.

  16. I was trying to find information about a wooden painted sewing basket and came across your blog .so glad I did.I to am a proud owner of a Caro Nan . Bought this at a local thrift store for 3.99 the penny on mine says 1973.on the inside of the lid on the right it says “ Helma Cole Style Shop” and on the bottom right corner it says” by Caro Nan” thank you so much for your blog

  17. Love this post. I buy old basket purses and re-do them. made my mom 3 purses and a few for myself. This summer I am going to work on more for craft shows in the fall and winter months. When Mom and I go shopping with our basket purses people always ask about them. Now I prefer my basket purse over a cloth purse because it is easier to find what I need.

  18. I JUST found my Caro Nan at the local Goodwill!! 😀 It has four adorable owls painted on it…no penny.

    I had never heard of these ladies OR these amazing purses. I’ve listed it…but I am SO on the fence about keeping it!! lol. It’s just too cool!! Thank you so much for the history lesson!! I’ve linked to it on the Etsy listing!

  19. I’ve had one of these baskets since the 1990s. Always kept my sewing stuff in it at the end of my couch… Never even saw the signature inside , I thought it was a one of a kind hand-made local treasure… Til today and my daughter bought 2 at a flea market and we put them together studying them and noticed the signature… Sooo cool… Happy to be a part of the Caro-Nan tribe…

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