Vintage Candy signI’ve been cutting back on sugar drastically, but I had to go shopping for some American candy to send to some kids who live in China. The closest candy store happened to be Bloom and Buttercup in Northeast Minneapolis, a cute, welcoming shop on Central Avenue that sells fresh flowers, gifts and nostalgic candy. I had fun picking out some unusual flavors:

Old time candyI’d heard my parents talk about the candy cigarettes from their childhood and I remember the ultra-obvious Razzles product placement in the Jennifer Garner movie 13 Going on 30, but other than that I’d never heard of most of these brands. They did have other candies I remembered, like candy hamburgers (which as I recall taste neither like candy nor hamburger but quite like rubber) and Pop Rocks.

Retro candy storeAnd for really old-fashioned candy lovers, there is all the stick candy you can dream of, sold by the each.

It was fun to check out Bloom & Buttercup. Whether or not you eat sugar, browsing at a local retro candy retailer is a totally legit way to spend part of an afternoon. If you’re a big candy lover, supporting small local businesses is always nice too. (By the way, Bloom & Buttercup assured me that while their candy is “nostalgic” it is, in fact, freshly manufactured. In case you were concerned.)

If you remember a candy that’s rare to find now, share it in the comments!

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