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Last weekend I volunteered at the University of Minnesota’s Open Streets Minneapolis. Sponsored by the Minneapolis Bike Coalition, the free festival has a route that’s closed to all motorized traffic. Only bicycle, skateboard and pedestrian traffic is allowed, giving visitors a chance to leisurely stroll the streets and explore. This was one of many Open Streets festivals that happen around the city.

Local businesses and outside vendors offer food, entertainment and information. Some, but not all, is bicycle-related. One nice perk for cyclists is a booth offering free bike repairs!

Perry and I found some mini street signs. Luckily he wasn’t interested in the fire hydrant.

Open Streets MinneapolisHe also made friends with a Jimmy John’s delivery guy, who sadly did not have any doggy sandwiches in his backpack.

105_1074 (2)A juggler entertained crowds both with his ability to juggle four balls and his floral shirt style sense.

105_1087 (2)Cheerful volunteers were ready to point people in the right directions, whether on bicycle or foot.

If you want to play tourist in your own city or are coming from out of town to explore new neighborhoods, Open Streets Minneapolis offers a fresh way to see the city.

The very last Open Streets Minneapolis of the season is taking place September 26th, 2015. Find out more information at

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