Stylishly Eco-Friendly options are growing. Here are 4 reasons to consider stocking organic in your closet as well as your refrigerator.

Organic resort clothing

Being Eco in Style!

When I first started writing a magazine article on organic clothing, my own knowledge of Eco-friendly apparel was limited to the two pairs of organic cotton leggings that I bought through a group buying site only because they were a great price. I’d never considered the merits of buying organic clothing before, but after researching it for the article, I was a convert. Here’s why.

Reasons to Buy Organic Clothing

Organic style-The Environment

It takes an enormous amount of fertilizers and pesticides to grow conventional cotton. Did you know that cotton crops use 25% of the world’s pesticides? The insecticides used on cotton crops are among those the World Health Organization lists as the most harmful to humans. Not exactly what we want leaching into the soil and water! Organic cotton, hemp and bamboo crops don’t use these toxic chemicals, making the planet healthier for all of us.

-The Workers

Organic apparel is more likely to be made in the U.S. or with overseas fair trade labor. This can mean prices that are slightly higher than fast fashion retailer prices, but I was pleasantly surprised that the prices don’t seem too outrageous (that group buy deal I found was two pairs of leggings for $19!).

-The Snowball Effect

As demand for organic apparel rises, so too will the options available. So by buying organic clothing, you’ll be taking part in a movement that will mean more organic crops grown and more organic clothing sold.


When I think of organic clothing I think of things that could only be worn to yoga or an outdoor festival. And it’s true, there are plenty of hippie-chic, ultra-casual organic clothing for sale. But as awareness about organic clothing grows, the choices are growing too. I learned that Synergy organic fashions are sold on Ruche and Modcloth, and they’re really cute as you can see in the slideshow above. The photos shown in this post are from Prana, another fashion-forward organic retailer with a variety of styles available.

Vacation in organic clothingAfter I wrote the article I was inspired to start switching my wardrobe over to more organic clothing. Guess how long that lasted? Less than a week later I was at Forever 21. So maybe it’s more realistic to start adding organic elements to my closet slowly, like with another pair of organic leggings!

What do you think about organic clothing? Do you own any?

Photos courtesy of Prana, used with permission.

12 Comments on Why Buy Organic Clothing?

    • I heard that from a lot of people while researching this topic. Hopefully soon more companies will start offering organic choices so we can have our pick!

  1. I would really love to shop organic, but it’s quite pricey! I suppose having a few basic items like leggings though would be a good place to start. It’s really difficult to be a responsible consumer when shops like forever 21 are calling! It’s so cheap and so on trend that it is really hard to decide not to shop there!

    • I know, I feel the same way. I don’t shop at Forever 21 that often, but every time I do I walk out with a ton of stuff!

  2. I never heard of organic clothes before! i will def look for them next time, they look confy plus helps the environment!

    • Thanks Orly! That’s why I wanted to do this post, because very few people know about organic clothing. It’s not just hippies who wear it anymore!

  3. Organic clothing is definitely something I hope to afford in the future! It’s a topic I need to research more, so I am thankful for your thoughts about it! I hope to buy at least a couple organic things soon and be more aware of them!

    • Actually, I just checked and the teal skirt in the post (click on the arrow after the striped dress) is on sale for $14.99! See, there are good deals on organic fashion 😉

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