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If you think dandelions are obnoxious weeds that grow in your yard, think again. They’re actually edible and incredibly nutritious. The leaves, although bitter, can be harvested and used as salad greens. The roots make a delicious tea, either roasted for a richer flavor or unroasted for a lighter herbal steep.

I love an excuse to use my elephant tea pot and my antique tea cup collection. The tea cups were gifts from people who knew me well (oh yeah, I have a Tea Time board on Pinterest). Can you believe the tea pot is only 12.99? You can also get the whole tea set in purple.

Organic Tea TimeOrganic Dandelion Root Tea Review

Kiss Me Organics sent me their organic dandelion root tea to review through Brandbacker. It has only three ingredients and no added natural flavors–just organic dandelion root tea with cinnamon and hibiscus.

This is not a roasted dandelion tea, so for those seeking a richer, deeper steep look for a roasted tea instead. This is perfect for those who love light herbal teas like chamomile. I found it to be sweet, light and delicious. I got second opinions of the tea when I served it to guests and everyone liked it. It’s not bitter at all and doesn’t taste anything like dandelions, so it’s pleasing to most palettes.

In addition to being organic, it is also non-GMO and vegan for those who have concerns about that.

Organic Dandelion Root Tea Time giveaway

Organic Dandelion Root Tea

I’m looking forward to reading your comments! What do you think of dandelion root tea? If you haven’t tried it yet, which other tea is your favorite?

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