Gold, pink and magenta sariThis is the saree I wore to a friend’s Guyanese wedding this summer. Totally overwhelmed by all the choices of beautiful sarees available, I had a family friend who is originally from India help me find this one. It was custom tailored for me so instead of one long piece of fabric, it had a gathered skirt and a loop to hold one end over my shoulder. This helped us first-time saree wearers have a hope of walking and dancing in all that fabric!

Pink and magenta SariI love the color combination of orchid purple, magenta pink and metallic gold in this party saree. Hopefully I’ll get an occasion to use it again because it was so fun and elegant to wear.

Puppy in a SariThe pup tried it on too but he wasn’t enthused. He’s really not a fan of wearing any type of clothing, though.

Seeing our sorority sisters in shades of green, blue, pink and purple sarees was a colorfully fun experience. I’m so grateful that the bride encouraged her friends try on a piece of her culture to help celebrate the wedding! What have you worn to a wedding that was a new experience for you?

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