Pet paw stocking for dog or catHalf of households in the U.S. have pets and millennials are the largest age group of pet owners, says PR Newswire. So chances are good that either your house includes a pet or you’ll be going to a pet-loving house this holiday season. Include four-legged family members in holiday traditions by making a super cute pet paw stocking! It’s very easy and quick to make.

Materials: 2-3 pieces of felt in your choice of colors. Some acrylic felt is made with 100% recycled plastic bottles! Scissors, plus embroidery floss and needle OR hot glue.

I chose to sew mine since I enjoy hand sewing, but hot glue works just as well and is faster.

Make a DIY Pet Paw Stocking

First, fold the piece of felt in half* and cut a half moon shape in the bottom, as shown in the pink piece. The other shapes are 4 small ovals and 1 large oval for the paw, a large rectangle for the top, and a small rectangle for the hanger.

*This can be a dog paw stocking or a cat paw stocking. For a larger stocking, use two pieces of felt for the body instead of folding one piece. Or for a slimmer stocking, fold in thirds and trim off one third.

Pet paw stockingOf course, if the pet paw stocking is for a cat he will insist on helping to make it. This probably means delaying your progress by sitting on the pieces for a while.

Cats love to "help" with craft projectsAssemble and sew or glue your pet paw stocking in this order:

  1. Paw pieces
  2. Hanger piece
  3. Sew up the sides
  4. Add the accent piece to the top

Now you’re done with your dog paw stocking or cat paw stocking!

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  1. loved the part about the cat sitting on your materials – so relatable! my cat 100% sits on literally anything i lay out in front of me to work on!

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