Elsa at the Ice CastlePrincess ice castle season was a success! Yesterday was the closing day of Ice Castles Minnesota, which was the backdrop of two recent outfit posts. To finish off the season, here are photos of my adventures playing ice castle princesses at my job over the past month with Tiny Diva Princess Party.

Princess Ice Castle The above look was featured back when I made it in October, and the headband might look familiar too from this post. Happily, the costume got some more use at the Ice Castles.

After a few weeks of working the Ice Queen and Ice Princess looks, I was able to be Cinderella for the day as part of a special promotional event. I loved how her gorgeous gown blended right in with the ice!

Princess Cinderella Ice CastleSo what did I do at the Ice Castles? Well, I posed for photos. A lot of photos! I’m on a lot of strangers’ Facebook walls and Instagram feeds right now. The best part was talking to little visitors who are big princess fans. The Ice Castles are full of caves, slides and tunnels that are perfect for kids, so meeting princesses made an already fun outing extra special for them.

Princess Ice Castle Style For Everyday

Inspired by the cool costumes I got to wear to work at the Ice Castles, just for fun I put together a few outfit ideas using everyday clothing pieces for a little bit of princess ice castle flair.

Let me know what you think of these ideas!

 Princess Anna looksVest  /  Skirt  / Cape  / Snowflake necklace

Ice Queen looksEarrings  /  Shoes  /  Capelet  /  Dress

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