PRO-Women supplement reviewProbiotics, Part II

This winter, I wrote about the benefits of probiotics. To recap why this dietary supplement is amazing:

Probiotics for women (and other probiotic formulas) help restore the balance of bacteria in the intestines after antibiotics. Healthy intestinal flora is a component of immune strength, digestive strength and overall wellness.

Probiotics for Women

probiotics for women
Hey Hyperbiotics, thanks for giving me a brand-appropriate supplement to review–the cranberry extract makes the tablets pink!

Hyperbiotics gave me the opportunity to try a new probiotic formula, this one especially for women. PRO-Women contains probiotic strains for digestive, immune, vaginal and urinary health. It also contains cranberry extract and 100% naturally occurring D-Mannose, both of which are way more effective at preventing bladder woes than the sugar-laden cranberry juice cocktail you might have tried to use in the past.

This product contains all the digestive and immune boosting goodness of the PRO-15 formula, but also specific ingredients for the needs of women. I continued to use this when I ran out of regular probiotics to prevent colds. I love having this on hand in the fridge as a resource if I happen to need it.

Disclaimer: Always consult a health professional before trying a new supplement or wellness product. This product review is in no way intended as medical advice. It is an honest review, sponsored by Brandbacker, of a product that my readers might enjoy learning about.

Thanks for reading and learning about probiotics for women!


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