kite socksWhen I was doing a recent impromptu shopping spree at Target, I found myself in the sock aisle making a mad grab for knee socks! Why? They had kites on them. Target has a wide variety of patterned socks for spring, and some of the patterns coincidentally are the symbols or mascots for several sororities so I’m posting them here in case you or a friend need to pick up a pair. Anchors and owls on retail merchandise may be ubiquitous (you lucky girls!), but the symbol of my sorority, a kite, is so hard to find! This is the first kite item I’ve seen since Forever21 had kite socks several years ago (and those were snapped up immediately once word got out!). I don’t even wear knee socks and I was compelled to buy a pair, that’s how serious the situation is.

So for your convenience Tri Sigmas, Zetas, Alpha Sigma Alphas, Delta Gammas and Thetas, here’s a peek at Target’s sock aisle. Cause don’t lie, you know you’re going to end up at Target anyway sometime in the next 0-5 days. No special trip required.

Sorority Mascot socks

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