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This week, I’m cleaning and getting ready for a visit from my family along with a Thanksgiving trip to see even more family. But as excited as I am for the upcoming holiday season, I have to be honest: I’m also cold. Like, my fingers could be used as ice packs cold. You see, my house is older and not well-insulated at all. So tea, blankets, sweaters, slippers and a warm dog are pretty intrical parts of my holiday decorating.

Warm up with along with me as we take a little peek into my winter world, which includes these fuzzy sponsored slippers from Isotoner with 360 Surround Comfort™. With everything going on, a cozy respite from the holiday happenings is just what’s needed don’t you think?

No other slipper has all-around memory foam that hugs your feet! It’s a lifesaver when you want to stay warm and cozy in the winter. Other brands may have memory foam in the sole, but this has it all throughout the shoe design. And they’re cute enough to pair with even a fancy party outfit (they are called the Microsuede Basil Hoodback if you want to snag your own with my discount code)!

There’s no reason not to be warm and comfortable while dressed in your holiday best. I thought that the gray slipper design looked good with my red and cream wool sweater-skirt combo that I’m wearing to a sorority alumnae service event tonight. One of my holiday traditions is giving back in some way, so my alumnae chapter is assembling birthday bags for foster children in our area. I’ll wear my slippers while we work!

They’re the perfect go-to indoor footwear for any occasion and make a great gift for pretty much anyone. I know from experience that it can take hours to make shopping lists, find the right stores, buy and ship gifts. And after all that you might end up gifting something useless that goes to waste. So I like the idea of finally finding a gift that can be good for anyone, since it’s comfy and super useful! I like quality items that seem like they will last, because that’s best for the environment, and these fit that requirement. If you’re curious about the brand or want to shop ASAP, check them out here.

Other equally cute styles include the Marisol Closed Back. Ya really can’t lose!

Dog-approved. Now if only he would fetch them…


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