Stonearch bridgeDenim jackets are all over for spring. These little denim wonders have gone in and out of style since they were invented in 1873* and, I’m happy to report, are back in style once again.

*I looked that up on Wikipedia and have to put my trust in Levi Strauss on this one.

It’s the perfect transition piece for spring that make those cute spring sundresses wearable when the sun goes behind a cloud, or, if you live in Minnesota, until mid-June/July 🙂 Plus wearing one gives me serious throwback nostalgia to the early 90s when denim jackets, skirts and overalls were my childhood uniform.

This one is a hand-me-down (I guess I benefited from someone else’s May it Be of Use Month!) that I  immediately put on to walk the dog on the Stonearch bridge in Minneapolis. If you don’t one already in your closet and haven’t scored a hand-me-down, consider the following tip for buying a new jean jacket this spring:

1. Cropped is in, and works great over dresses.

2. You can find them in secondhand stores if you want to avoid paying full price.

3. If you need a place to show off your denim jacket style, the Stonearch bridge is looking pretty fabulous this time of year.

Jean jacket


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