DIY Suit Father's Day CardThis is the perfect card for my dad, who wears suits and ties almost all the time. But even if the man you’re honoring this Father’s Day isn’t much of a suit guy, you can’t deny that this is a cute card idea and he’ll totally love it anyway.

This card looks hard to make. And it kind of was. But if you break it down, it’s really just cutting and pasting shapes. You could make this card with a lot of measuring and it would probably turn out really good. I’m not the measuring type of crafter (or baker…or cook…) so I used eyeballing and estimating instead of measuring. You pick what works best for you!

P.S. I didn’t invent this design. I sort of lifted the idea from a Papyrus card I saw in Target last year. There are also cards like these aplenty on Etsy if you’re not into DIY.

How to make your own Father’s Day suit and tie card, step by step

You’ll need card stock and scrapbook paper, fabric (optional), scissors and glue, buttons (optional) and a ruler (optional).

First, fold cardstock into a card shape.

Then, choose your suit paper and cut a square the size of the card. I chose a striped scrapbook paper that was double sided, so I could use it for the lapels too.

card tutorial step 1Cut a V shape out of the top of the suit paper.

This step is important! The layers matter. Don’t glue down the suit yet!

First, glue down a square of your shirt paper. It doesn’t need to cover the whole card.

Now, glue down the bottom half of the suit, leaving the top half unglued.

Card tutorial step 2Cut a thin rectangle for the tie. I used fabric for this but paper works just as well and is easier to manage. Glue the tie down to the shirt.

Cut a square for the knot of the tie. Glue down.

Finish gluing the suit down.

Now, cut the lapels. They are skinny triangle shape. Glue them down.

Glue real buttons on or draw buttons if you prefer.

Add a pocket and pocket square if you like!

Super simplified directions:

To recap, or if you skimmed the detailed directions, here is the order to glue things down (learned the hard way):

1. Shirt square, 2. bottom of the jacket, 3. Tie bottom, 4. tie knot, 5. top of jacket, 6. lapels, 7. pocket square, 8. pocket, 9. buttons

You’re done–now for the heartfelt message inside! Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, step dads, grandfathers and father figures out there.

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