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Meet My Blogging Theta Sisters

As almost any blogger will tell you, one of the perks of blogging is meeting other creative individuals who love curating content as much as you. Some of the people I’ve met through blogging are my sorority sisters too from around the country. I’m introducing these Kappa Alpha Theta bloggers in today’s post!

Kappa Alpha Theta Bloggers

tulips-white-jeansThe Coastal Confidence

Aubrey Yandow is a University of San Diego graduate and the creator of The Coastal Confidence, a website & store that encompasses her New England rooted lifestyle. The meaning behind The Coastal Confidence brand stems from her bi-coastal experience and her passion to relate to and inspire young women to embrace their confidence and push themselves towards achieving success in their passion.

Perfect-fur-vest-outfit-for-fall-1080x1350Seattle Stylista

From outfit inspiration to heartfelt discussion on body image, Seattle Stylista is a life and style blog all about empowering women to live beautiful, authentic lives! Madeleine is a 2016 graduate of Washington State University.

sorority bloggersThe Scalloped Edge

Victoria is a junior at John Hopkins. “My blog’s mission is to encourage girls to present their best self, whether it be in fashion, academics, or just life in general! By focusing on personal development, organization, confidence and style, girls really have the ability to conquer the world. Of course, Greek life has helped me so much with this, and I love sharing my journey and tips and tricks that I learn along the way.”

May McNeilThe PDX Belle

May McNeil is a recent graduate of Randolph-Macon College. She says “The PDX Belle is a fashion & lifestyle blog designed to be a place for young women to hang out and feel inspired – to try on new clothes, hit the gym, save some money, or travel the world. I curate an upbeat, open-minded atmosphere that is influenced by an east-meets-west coast vibe –  and I don’t take myself too seriously.”

Texas Sweet TeaTexas Sweet Tea

“I’m Sarah and I go to the University of Alabama so you’ll see me mention that a lot. I mean how could I not when we have 16 national championships (roll tide)! Although I write posts on just about anything, I mainly post about fashion and lifestyle. I have quite a few posts about my own personal Greek life experience as well.”

For a wider selection of sorority bloggers from more affiliations, check them out here.

Kappa Alpha Theta bloggers

All photos are copyright of the bloggers and are used here with their permission.

Interview with Callie from Southern Crowd

Callie from Southern CrowdEntrepreneur Callie Willeford  took her 2013 University of Texas Business at Dallas Administration degree and combined her love of her alma mater and her passion for Greek life to create her own t-shirt company. Southern Crowd launched just three months ago, but it’s already gaining immense popularity (probably because her designs are irresistibly cute!). I interviewed Callie to find out more about her start-up.

Pink Paperdoll Blog: When did you start your company? What was the inspiration behind it?

Callie: I have been designing t-shirts and apparel for UT Dallas and my chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta for about two years now and I found that I absolutely loved designing t-shirts. There are a ton of companies out there catering to college and Greek life students, but not many that can cater to the average college student budget. My partner in crime, Rachel, is the manager of Off Campus Books in Dallas, a textbook store serving UT Dallas. We work together on everything from design ideas to marketing to inventory. Rachel and I make a great team because we can bounce ideas off each other and make avalanches happen out of snowflakes.We wanted to create a company that could have great quality t shirts, with awesome designs at a reasonable price. We started the company about three months ago, sitting around brainstorming the perfect name for what we wanted to portray through our clothing. Both born and raised in Texas, we have deep southern roots. That combined with our passion for knowing everyone belongs somewhere, Southern Crowd was born.

Pink Paperdoll Blog: Do you plan to have a brick-and-mortar location or continue as an online retailer?

Callie: Eventually I would love to have a brick-and-mortar location or have retailers sell our products, but for now we are trying to build up business and become a prominent online retailer.

Pink Paperdoll Blog: What’s the best part, so far, about running an apparel company?

Southern CrowdCallie: I absolutely love hearing from people that they love my designs and are so excited to wear new shirts. It’s a fantastic sense of pride knowing that people want to own something you’ve created.

Pink Paperdoll Blog: What have you learned so far?

I’ve learned that marketing is a lot harder than I thought it would be. You have to be persistent, especially with social media sites. Repetition is key!

Pink Paperdoll Blog: What would you tell others who are interested in launching a company?

Do it and commit!! I was hesitant at first to jump into this huge project, but I am so glad I did. Take a leap of faith and trust yourself, you never know what could come of your plan so make it happen!!

Best of luck, Callie! I’m sure we’ll be seeing big things from Southern Crowd and I can’t wait to see your newest designs.


Southern crowd tee