Tassel Necklace DIY Tassels, tassels, tassels. They’re hard to miss. Right now, it seems like they are dangling off of every purse and necklace on the street. While it’s easy to find them in stores adorning your favorite accessories, they’re actually really easy to make! Embarking on a tassel necklace DIY project will save cash and let you customize the perfect tassel.

Tassel Necklace DIY Instructions

The secret to the star necklace with the silver tassel is that it was an existing necklace that I added a tassel onto with wire. Super easy! The gold tassel necklace I added a bead onto before making the final wire loop that goes onto the chain. The tassels themselves, though. are made the same easy way.

Here are the supplies used: metallic string, jewelry wire, wire clippers, needle nose pliers, scissors, large bead, and a chain.

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Start by wrapping the thread around your fingers. When you get the desired thickness of the tassel, clip the thread. You should now have a round loop of thread, which will become the tassel.

DIY TasselThen take the wire, put it through the loop, and twist it to secure one end of the loop. This is now the top of your tassel.

About half an inch below the top of the tassel, tie a piece of the thread to make the bulb of the tassel. Knot this thread securely, then trim the ends. This is similar to making yarn dolls, if you remember doing that when you were young!

Cut the loop at very bottom. Magically, a tassel appears!

Next, return to the wire at the top of the tassel. Now it’s time to attach the tassel to the chain. If attaching it to an existing necklace, twist the wire onto it and clip. Otherwise, add a bead if you have one, and then twist the wire into a loop for hanging. Slide it onto the chain. You’re done!

Now go enjoy how much money you saved on jewelry and impress people with your professional-looking tassel necklace DIY! What will you wear your pretty tassels with?

DIY Tassel Necklace

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