Try Organic FoodWe’re going a little bit country again in today’s post, as I visit a farm that produces food locally and sustainably. It’s harvest time, and farms around the country are bringing in crops. There are a few weeks left of the local farmer’s markets here this season, so there is still time to enjoy fresh produce and locally raised meats and other goods.


On the farm

It’s important to me that the animals who make my food are treated well, and you can totally see how happy the animals here are! They have pasture, the best food, and humans who care about their quality of life. Just look at these content goats.

Happy GoatsWhat I’ve learned from visiting small family farms like this one is how hard farmers work to make food for us. It’s a monumental task to feed and care for all these animals and crops! It’s a job that really never ends–it means being constantly on call, working every single day, no weekends, no vacations!

Giant Kale Patch KidsCabbage like that didn’t grow itself! (Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a Cabbage Patch Kid? It’s fun! Enriching life moment for any child of the 80s.)

So thank you, farmers, for growing our food. We can all thank a farmer by patronizing farmer’s markets and shopping locally. Wondering if there is a farmer’s market or other source of local produce near you? Chances are, there is! Even many colleges and universities have them. Local Harvest can help you locate your nearest farms and farmer’s markets with just a few clicks.

Outfit details: Dress (Similar) Charlotte Russe  Necklace Forever 21

Top image: magnet available from Ephemera

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  1. Love this post so much! I especially love the outfit you wore to the farm, it’s such a cute contrast from what is around you. I really want to get into more locally grown stuff, but it is a little difficult being a college kid and shopping small. I try to shop small with my clothes and stuff so I am hoping to eventually bring that to more local or at least small food places too.

    • Thanks for the comment Amanda! I totally understand that it’s not easy–I do my fair share of “normal” shopping too. Luckily many restaurants and stores are bringing more local wares in to their inventory making it easier!

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